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Lightworkers Circle MP3 Recordings

BE the unique LIGHT that YOU are...


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If you know yourself to be 'different' enjoy the connection of aligning with like-minded, heart-centered, lightworkers - contributing to the light of our world.

Are YOU a Lightworker?

  • Do you have heightened perception?
  • Are you highly energetically aware?
  • Are you compassionate, empathic, and kind, by nature?
  • Do you have a strong sense of higher purpose?
  • Do you have a strong connection to Mother Earth and all her creatures?
  • Do you feel as though you are 'not of this world', and have a strong feeling to go 'home'?
  • Do you sometimes feel as though you don't fit in, and are misunderstood by others?
  • Do you feel drawn towards spiritual topics?
  • Do you often feel drained or dragged down by other people?
If you answered YES to two or more of the above questions you probably ARE a lightworker.

The problem is that when you signed up, you probably didn't plan for forgetting who you are, or why you are here.

Maybe people often don't understand you, which can sometimes bring a sense of isolation, or being 'different'.

It isn't easy bringing light, especially when you are surrounded by so much fear and negativity.

Lightworkers Circle
Your light is needed on the planet now more than ever - which is why we want to support YOU in shining YOUR brightest light!

In the
Lightworkers Circle you will learn how to magnify your light, so that you shine constantly and consistently and don't feel drained - especially when those around you are in fear and negativity.

Each month by connecting with other heart-centered lightworkers you will realize you are not alone - there are more of us than you think!

We use practical techniques for working with light and Source energy, to magnify your unique light, keep your energy up, and increase your capacity to emanate light, wherever it is needed.

In the magnified experience of your unique light you begin to get a really clear sense of your unique purpose.You begin to remember - YOU!

In the
Lightworkers Circle you are supported in shining your brightest light for our world.

YOUR time to shine is NOW

Join us - because YOUR light has never been so needed!

"I can't tell you how helpful it is to have these practical exercises for keeping my energy levels up and shining light in very difficult situations at work. I can see a huge difference in other people around me - they are lighter and much less negative!

What I love most of all is how easy it is too, there is no effort needed, because it simply IS who we are!
Thank you so much for showing the way!"

- Kathleen, England, UK.

Listen to a sample...

Lightworkers Circle Recordings - $11

Each recording is approx. 30 minutes

  • lightworkers circle

    #1 - May 21 2016 Inaugural Full Moon Gathering

    What is a lightworker? How do lightworkers make a difference in the world? How to keep your light shining brightly even in negative situations.

    lightworkers circle
  • lightworkers circle

    #2 - June 11 2016

    How to avoid taking on other people's energy and/or their negativity.

    lightworkers circle
  • lightworkers circle

    #3 - July 11 2016

    Why you may experience increased sensitivity to sound and light. How to work with water for planetary rebalancing and healing.

    lightworkers circle
  • lightworkers circle

    #4 - Aug 11 2016

    How to increase your intuition. Using your body as a barometer. Your role as a lightworker in grounding more light into the planet.

    lightworkers circle
  • lightworkers circle

    #5 - Sept 11 2016

    Why you carry a unique ray of light. How to relax the body. Alchemising fear for the collective.

    lightworkers circle
  • lightworkers circle

    #6 - Oct 13 2016

    How to stay in the middle and shine your light, without getting caught in opposing points of view.

    lightworkers circle
  • lightworkers circle

    #7 - Nov 2 2016

    The power of self-compassion. Includes a simple formula for flowing your energy to better benefit yourself and others at the same time.

    lightworkers circle
lightworkers circle


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Anya Sophia Mann is a Visionary Intuitive specializing in coaching, consulting and mentoring for personal, spiritual and professional development in all walks of life. She is an international 3 times best-selling author and speaker excelling in heart-centered leadership while mastering in relationship communication. Anya creates power-programs, webinars and retreat workshops on timely topics like accessing your REAL Personal Power for success in life, business, and beyond.