In The Light of A New Day

by Anya Sophia Mann



What if all we needed was a little burst of inspiration to guide our day? 

Has insight from words or pictures lightened your heart? 

Have you ever needed just a bit of a nudge to help you make a good decision? 

Sometimes we just need a little jolt of something that strikes us deep to make sense of our life and give meaning and purpose to our day. 

Who we are, and why we are here, can be found between the lines of these 44 tenets for living a more 'conscious journey' in this life. 

"In The Light of A New Day" could evoke in you, more: 

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  • Joy 
  • Hope 
  • Curiosity 
  • Laughter 
  • Peace 
  • Wisdom 
  • Knowing 
  • Compassion

In the Light of A New Day is a series of 44 tenets (poetic verses) for living a Conscious Journey.  We all need wisdom from within and beyond to guide us in our life.  These tenets are that: wisdom speaking through words.  They remind us of the simplicity of living with awareness.  Nature consistently reminds and reflects for us ways for living a conscious life.

“In The Light Of A New Day” was originally written as a chapter in the book “The View: Mind Over Matter, Heart Over Mind”, edited by Dave Patrick and published in 2009 by Polair Publishing, without photographs. It has since been serialized in Life Coaching Magazine where one tenet at a time was published accompanied by a beautiful photograph. 

Now,  in this eBook, “In The Light Of A New Day”  is presented for the first time in it’s entirety: all 44 tenets complete with photography. The purpose of each tenet is to invite deeper contemplation and vibrational resonance with the tone.

These tenets can be used for daily guidance by picking a number for the day. Let the wisdom of these beautiful tenets become an 'oracle' for you…

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