REAL Personal Power

A Retreat Workshop with Anya Sophia Mann


This workshop creates an environment for you to connect to your core essence and flow REAL Personal Power to fuel your life’s success. It’s natural, effortless, and purely your true self...

Most of us are living someone else’s idea of us, at home and at work. It’s time for that to change and it can change with YOU!

Tap into your REAL Personal Power and advance YOUR life!

Where does REAL Personal Power come from?

You born with your own essential REAL Personal Power.
There is a real, authentic, natural, living power that exists throughout nature and within YOU.

The acronym R.E.A.L. is a simple reminder of this natural power you were born with, which stands for Real Evolving Alive Living as an empowering way of life!

When you know how to connect with your REAL Personal Power consistently you will be in right relationship with your self, aligning you with success in all areas of your life, work, business and relationships.

If you’re not leading your life from self-mastery you are living out someone else’s version of you at home and work.

In this workshop you will learn how to:
  • advance your life from the inside out
  • fulfill your potential as a natural progression
  • succeed naturally in all areas of your life
  • contribute to the world by giving your life meaning

"Anya has a unique and powerful approach to group coaching. She has a keen intuition in sensing what each individual is experiencing and what they need in the moment to move and shift beliefs. She weaves her work with each individual so that it also benefits the entire group. I could "see myself" in every step of the process. I know that I am able to live, be and become so much more from my work with Anya."
- Candace Higgins, Colorado

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Anya Sophia Mann is a Visionary Intuitive specializing in coaching, consulting and mentoring for personal and professional development in all walks of life. She is an international 3 times best-selling author and speaker excelling in heart-centered leadership while mastering in relationship communication. Anya creates power programs, webinars and retreat workshops on timely topics like REAL Personal Power for personal and professional success in life, business, and beyond.