The Energetics of
Effective Communication

A Retreat Workshop with Anya Sophia Mann


This workshop creates an environment for empowered enlightened conscious relationship on all levels, whether it be with family, friends, co-workers, colleagues or business associates.

What you can expect to experience and learn:

- The power of communication from
essential core connection

- The art of uplanguaging to elevate conversations

- Somatic awareness - the body knows the truth

- The importance of intuitive intelligence
in all communication

- Whole body listening - our bodies are communicating

- How to read the underlying energetics
of relationship dynamics

- Multidimensional advanced communication skills

- How to save, time, money, and energy
through crystal clear communication

In an environment of respect, appreciation and mutual understanding, the full potential and possibility of human relationship dynamics are explored taking all your communication to an advanced level.

Often our communication is off when we are out of vibrational integrity. Words are vibrations. Voice is a vibration and congruency is important when relating. In life and business we are often stuck at low frequency communication. Yet everything is energy.

Once you understand and can sense the underlying energy dynamics that exist in all forms of communication, you have the power to elevate all your relationships to evolve your life and business.

Anya elicits conscious leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit by supporting participants in connecting to, aligning with, and expressing their unique purpose, power and true vision. One of the most powerful tools that she uses is her unique form of highly significant experiential learning.

Experiential learning creates an environment where participants get to experience their essential self and discover the empowered communication and intuitive intelligence that arises as a result. Theory only takes us so far. Our deepest understanding comes from experience.

Many motivational workshops drum up enthusiasm, yet the knowledge fails to translate into empowered change. This is because the information is only being received at a cognitive level.

In order for knowledge to translate into empowered change it has to be owned, integrated, and embodied. In other words, it has to be experienced. This then translates into conscious competence and can be a powerful catalyst for real empowered change in alignment with your personal, professional, or business goals.

All communication happens through relationship. Through this unique approach to experiential learning, Anya creates environments that support individuals in shifting how they perceive, relate to, and communicate with, themselves and others. This has a positive impact on all relationships from CEO through to customers and clients, and from team members to family members. This shift in perception brings clarity to communication, which empowers individuals.

Empowered individuals, transform and positively influence your organization by bringing greater levels of self-confidence, self-esteem, creative innovation, and value to all levels of your business or organization. If you are ready to transform your organizational culture from within through effective advanced communication, this workshop will be an asset to you and your business.

"Anya has helped me discover how to develop core connections, starting with myself then with others in my personal and professional life. I am able to communicate more effectively with people by shifting the energy of the conversations, and removing the noise of false instinct or misreading the other person.

Effective communication is the basis for connected relationships and Anya's experiential learning methods resonate with me. I'm able to connect with people on different levels now, in both pre-planned meetings and presentations, or hallway chats with the person I was trying to avoid! She has specific techniques and examples that allow me to clearly understand and adopt the concepts of 'what's true for me', 'resonance', and 'connections'.

I highly recommend the workshops and Anya's authentic form of coaching to understand how to make good relationships even better, and how to connect with difficult people or situations."

- Joe C. Senior Leader, Financial Services.

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Anya Sophia Mann is a Visionary Intuitive specializing in coaching, consulting and mentoring for personal and professional development in all walks of life. She is an international 3 times best-selling author and speaker excelling in heart-centered leadership while mastering in effective communication. Anya creates power programs, webinars and retreat workshops on timely topics like REAL Personal Power for personal and professional success in life, business, and beyond.