An Open Heart

A Retreat Workshop with Anya Sophia Mann


“As you discharge negative energy consciously,
and set your intentions according to what your heart tells you,
you move toward becoming a being of the Light,
fully whole and empowered and inwardly secure,
and you draw to yourself the Universe’s greatest gift:
human beings with open hearts.”

-Thoughts from: Seat Of The Soul, by Gary Zukav.

This is a great opportunity to participate in a dynamic workshop that will cause change to be easier in your life. Facilitated by visionary intuitive life coach Anya Sophia Mann this gathering is for people who are ready to make positive change in their lives, and experience more heart-centered living.

This powerful workshop supports you by giving the practical tips, tools and techniques that you need to move forward and create change for the better.

"Anya has a unique and powerful approach to group coaching. She has a keen intuition in sensing what each individual is experiencing and what they need in the moment to move and shift beliefs. She weaves her work with each individual so that it also benefits the entire group. I could "see myself" in every step of the process. I know that I am able to live, be and become so much more from my work with Anya."
- Candace Higgins, Colorado

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Anya Sophia Mann is a Visionary Intuitive specializing in coaching, consulting and mentoring for personal and professional development in all walks of life. She is an international 3 times best-selling author and speaker excelling in heart-centered leadership while mastering in relationship communication. Anya creates power programs, webinars and retreat workshops on timely topics like REAL Personal Power for personal and professional success in life, business, and beyond.