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An interactive opportunity to work closely and intimately with Anya, within a group setting, on quieting your mind. As Anya works with the collective consciousness of the group, individuals will shift faster than they would alone. This POD is unique based on the energies of the people who have come together at this time, and cannot be repeated. Reserve your seat now - spaces are limited.  

  • This POD is limited to 8 people
  • 3 group gatherings, over 3 weeks, 75 minutes each 
  • Personal coaching with Anya within a group dynamic
  • This POD is unique, exclusive and individual to you

In the Quiet Mind Power POD we work with three simple steps that, when implemented as a daily practice (5 minutes three times a day), will exponentially quiet a busy mind. There is also a bonus offering that will put you in front of everything in your day. You first, the rest follows your lead.

"My dear Anya, All I can say is WOW!!!!!! The Glow, the Light… sheer Bliss and Gratitude… You and the entire circle are sourcing all this illumination…  I am in Awe… THANK YOU!  Lots of Love,"

- S.H. USA

Like walking into a beautiful lush garden, sitting by a calm lake, or walking into a cathedral there is a tangible presence that is felt from a quiet mind. This can be you. This can be your contribution to the workplace, your home, our world. Be peace in a world that needs you.

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