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The Power of YOU - powerful intuitive group coaching with Anya Sophia Mann

Power PODS provide short-term, focused professional coaching and mentoring in specific areas of personal growth: purpose, passion, leadership, being an entrepreneur,  business growth, connection…. and much more. Power PODS are a timely stepping stone to your next level of personal growth, professional development, spiritual and business growth!

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Focus on specific goals within a group setting. Working in the collective consciousness of a group allows you to make faster progress than you would alone. POD members come together for conscious co-creation and the evolution of consciousness in each specific area. You don’t need self improvement, you just need more of the power of YOU. Scroll down to see some existing Power Pods...

  • Each POD is limited to 4-8 people
  • 3 group gatherings, 75 minutes each, over 3 weeks
  • Professional coaching and mentoring with Anya Sophia Mann within a focused group dynamic
  • Each POD is unique, exclusive and individual to you
  • Join an existing POD below (space permitting) or create your own

Power PODS are powered by YOU - here's how:
- Click on an image below to reserve your seat!
- Scroll over an image, if your cursor changes from an arrow to a hand it's clickable.
- If a POD image isn't 'clickable' it's not open for reservations just yet, please try later.
- When 4-8 people are in a POD it will 'activate' (meaning it will start in 2 weeks or so).
- A POD normally has 3 group gatherings, 75 minutes each, over 3 weeks.
- You will receive an email when your POD is starting, informing you of days, dates and times.
- All gatherings are recorded, either on mp3 or video, and can be accessed through your POD home page.
- If you have any questions about joining a POD, creating your own, or if you need clarification on anything Email admin@AnyaSophiaMann.com

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