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In the QA Café personal, spiritual and professional transformation happens through ‘Quantum Conversations’. A Quantum Conversation is a rich, engaging, conversation that takes us to a higher level and shifts our vibration! The power of a Quantum Conversation lies in the fact that our cells are communicating with one another through light, so in a Quantum Conversation you actually shift your vibration by participating or simply by listening! 

Awaken your inner leader with a quantum conversation in the QA Café...

Quantum refers to the sub-physical level of existence; 

Alchemy refers to 'the process of liberation from temporal existence'; 

Quantum Alchemy is the interface between the physical and the non-physical, where all change (and healing) happens.

The Quantum Alchemy Café is all about our power to BE the change in the world - by shifting our perspective around something and causing a subtle change at the quantum level that ripples out into our world! 

Experience for yourself the power of Quantum Conversations …

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