REAL Personal Power 365 eCoaching

365 days of powerful coaching
to transform your life

REAL Personal Power 365 eCoaching

Reclaim your personal power
with this powerful and effective coaching tool

One of the most powerful personal development tools available today is positive inquiry (asking powerful questions).

The positive inquiry process works by creating a sacred and intimate relationship with your own subconscious that reveals vital information to you.

"The RPP eCoaching Program is one of the best and most applicable programs to support anyone's growth process! I have gotten numerous insights and great tools to apply easily and support me to be present in my daily life!!"

- Jane Kimball, Retired Educator, CO, USA

It takes only a couple of minutes each day to begin revealing deep insights and 'aha's' into where and how you give away your power, which you then use to reclaim your natural REAL Personal Power and transform your life!

This exact same technique is used by Byron Katie and many of the world's top personal development leaders to empower people. It works because the power is already within you, you just need a key to unlock the door.

This is a totally personal, private, and sacred process - you are using this tool simply to reveal answers to yourself for your own personal growth, and you never need to share your insights with anyone - unless you choose to!

With 365 eCoaching you reclaim your personal power fast
by revealing your own inner answers to yourself
through the process of positive inquiry

What would it mean to YOU, to reclaim your personal power:

  • feel more confident?
  • have more energy?
  • be more courageous?
  • set better boundaries?
  • be at choice in your actions?
  • be in control of your life?
  • let go of addictive, unhealthy, behaviors?

These are just some examples of what is possible when you are in your power... you only have to take the next step...

If you have been giving your personal power away, and you want to reclaim it NOW, this 365 day eCoaching program is the next best step for you. Ask yourself some powerful questions - connect to your truth - and take this next step to reclaiming your power...


The first month includes purpose designed reflective questions that will tease out the patterns of your past.
This reveals deep insights from your subconscious, and sets a stronger foundation for your coaching going forward.


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Anya Sophia Mann is a Visionary Intuitive specializing in coaching, consulting and mentoring for personal, spiritual and professional development in all walks of life. She is an international 3 times best-selling author and speaker excelling in heart-centered leadership while mastering in relationship communication. Anya creates power-programs, webinars and retreat workshops on timely topics like accessing your REAL Personal Power for success in life, business, and beyond.