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Experience the laser-like power of intuitive coaching to get to the heart of the matter in minutes and quantum-leap your life!

Quantum Alchemy Coaching is a powerful learning experience that can catapult you to the next level of your potential.

INSTANT ACCESS to over 200 hours of powerful intuitive coaching conversations on all aspects of life, including relationships, communication, personal power, life and career path, health, parenting and much, much, more...
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Into each quantum conversation Anya masterfully weaves coaching skills such as reflecting, mirroring, re-framing, clarifying, listening, questioning, intuition, and much more! This creates a dialogue that uplifts, empowers, and initiates shifts in perspective.

Participants step into the 'virtual circle’ with Anya for about 10-15 minutes and experience transformational shifts. In the Quantum Alchemy Coaching process there is an energetic alchemy that happens at quantum level. This results in a shift in perspective (through insights and 'aha' moments). Any shift in perspective, no matter how small, has the power to change your reality.
A new perspective IS a new reality.

Anya calls this process "Quantum Alchemy".

Anya says,
“the person in the circle represents something that is in all of us, in the group. The person who enters the circle does the work for everyone else. So everyone benefits.”

Quantum Alchemy Coaching creates an opportunity for you to light up your path and quantum leap to the next level of your potential...

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Quantum Alchemy Coaching conversation in action...

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Can you imagine...

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    Fresh perspectives on personal challenges?

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    The power to achieve your personal goals?

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    Deeper satisfaction in your work and home life?

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    Increased confidence?

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    Greater personal effectiveness?

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    Better communication and relationships?*

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    Quantum Alchemy Coaching - instant ongoing access to over 200 hours of powerful coaching conversations in the Quantum Alchemy archive

Now you don't have to imagine...

*According to the International Coach Federation 99% of individuals and companies who hired a coach were very satisfied and 96% would repeat the process.

So WHAT did they get from coaching that was so awesome?

Some of the top reasons given were:


Anya Sophia Mann is a Visionary Intuitive specializing in coaching, consulting and mentoring for personal, spiritual and professional development in all walks of life. She supports you in mastering heart-centered leadership and relationship communication for your growing success in life, business, and beyond.