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Intuitive coaching gives you the tools to transform your life. 

Intuitive coaching with Anya Sophia Mann is a transformational process that supports you in living from a deep connection to Core Self. With a deeper connection to yourself, you grow exponentially in key areas of your life such as relationships, business, self-awareness, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Listen to mastery in action, as Anya provides an environment to cause a shift in perception, which results in a shift in Michael's reality... in under 5 minutes!

"You need someone who can inspire you to be what you know you can be" 

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Visionary Intuitive Coach Anya works with professionals from diverse fields such as psychology, medicine, healthcare, finance, business, sales and marketing, education, art, writing, publishing, music, dance and performing arts, police and fire services, technology, holistic and alternative therapies, and more. What they have in common is a deep desire for authentic living and being, and a committment to bring more of who they really are to their personal and professional lives. 

Are you ready to live the life you were born to live?

Anya Mann

30-minute Complementary Intuitive Coaching Call

Life Coaching with Anya begins with a complementary 30-minute session to determine coachability, chemistry and compatibility for an ongoing life coaching relationship. 

Are you ready? … now?

Schedule 30-minutes with Anya,  to determine if the time is now for a life coaching relationship… 

by sending her an email describing the three top reasons why you are considering life coaching at this time.

Intuitive Coaching creates the space for something to be different...

Momentum builds over time through the unfolding life coaching process. The ongoing life coaching relationship generates a powerful stable and coherent energetic field in which healing, growth, learning, creativity and evolution happens.  Anya describes this as, "the space for something to be different".

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