by Anya Sophia Mann

YOU are the center of Your Own Universe. Y.O.U. is what creates the world YOU interact in. This is a big one to get, in the way in which it is meant. So take a moment and imagine a dot on a piece of paper with a circle drawn around it. Whats within the outer circle is the world that you have co-created, with you at the center, for you to interact with to make conscious what’s unconscious in your system.

How do the things in your world, get in your world? For the most part you, in some way, brought them in and are interacting with them. People, places and situations are not random. They are all vibrational matches to whatever is going on in your inner world. Just ponder this for a few moments. Why this, and not that, in your world? It is true for all of us. We meet up with the perfect people and circumstances to bring out the very best and worst in us so that we get to see what is in our subconscious, and is unconsciously acted out in our life.

People, places and situations are not random. They are all vibrational matches to whatever is going on in your inner world.

We often act out that which is under the surface, so that we can get to see what is underlying and driving our behavior. A recent example of this arose while speaking with a 12-year old boy (let's call him John) and his dad (let's call him Jack).  John’s dad had expressed some road rage on the way to our meeting and John was now sharing how frightened he’d been in the back seat. Jack had 'leaked’ out his unconscious anger to some person who, for what ever reason, apparently cut him off on the road.  It was the perfect opportunity for him to leak the suppressed anger from his recent divorce situation. In this example his son John is an innocent 'victim' to the actions of anger, and is calling his dad on it, by telling me. 

The safety of the coaching environment, allowed John to express how he felt and call his dad on it, in a way that honored his feelings while not making his dad ‘wrong’. This then allowed Jack to relax and clearly see the unconscious energy that had been running him and driving some of his behavior (his unexpressed anger). If we go down one more layer we can see how Jack may unconsciously have attracted the actions of the third driver with his unconscious anger: because like attracts like. He may also have unconsciously co-created the whole scenario where his son would express his feelings to me, so that the whole situation could come to the light of conscious awareness and resolve in that light.

This is a perfect multi-layered example of how Y.O.U. are the center of Your Own Universe, which YOU are living in by attracting everything you need to bring out all that you need to deal with, and enjoy! This also shows all the aspects (inside and out) of YOU that are ready for balancing in your life. What we all are doing is balancing and harmonizing our inner world, so that the outer world is a more beautiful environment to live in. Know that your world is a co-creation and that everything and everyone in YOUR immediate world is perfectly attracted in by your resonance, to bring out the best and the worst in you for transformation.

In harmony,


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