You Matter!

you matter

You Matter!

by Anya Sophia Mann

A lot of people walk through this world not knowing, feeling or realizing that they matter so very much to everyone and everything.

It's not my job (or anyone else’s) to tell you that you matter. You must come to know that for yourself so that you can embody it, and feel the joy and confidence that comes with that knowing. It is your personal responsibility to find the place in you that absolutely knows, without question or doubt, that you matter. The world is a better place, and people feel more safe and relaxed, when they are around people who know that they matter. Just by being and breathing, you are mattering to the world we live in.

Let's explore the question: Where would the world, your world, be without you?

Every thought that you have matters because thoughts create our reality. What and how you think about everything, and anyone, is shaping and influencing its unfoldment. You matter!

You matter when you touch anything or anyone with your hands, or even your fingers. Your hand is a direct connection to your heart, which flows the energy of love. When you touch, it focuses the energy even without the conscious thought or feeling of love. You matter! 

The world is a better place, and people feel more safe and relaxed, when they are around people who know that they matter.

Everywhere you go, your smile is the most understood, unspoken, language that you can speak throughout the world. It will be felt as a good feeling to the one smiling, and to the one receiving the smile. You matter!

Your eyes contacting for a moment (or a while) with another is a very powerful connection, transmitting an invisible energy that silently reminds us (with a direct message to the heart) of who we really are, as spirit having a human experience. You matter!

Every time you speak, your voice brings an energy into the world that creates. Everything is energy. Words vibrate and have a frequency that is felt. Just think of a time when someone said something to you that just felt so good, or even so bad. Proof that the spoken word is felt. You matter!

Ok so now it's your turn: I invite you to write a nice list of all the ways you are coming to know for yourself that you matter. Why? Because you do! Walk through the world knowing inside that 'I matter'. Those two words can be quite humbling and exhilarating all at the same time. You matter!

I write these words and share them with you from the place in my heart that knows 'I matter’, which is how I recognize you. Knowing that I matter also causes me to know and feel the significance of you, and that YOU MATTER!



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