by Anya Sophia Mann

Ask, ask, ask, the question why? 

When you have a compelling, congruent, cohesive, WHY, the ‘how' of any question will come, with deep clarity and clear knowing. 

The ‘ why' is your key to unlock the wisdom of your knowing, that is unique to only you. The answer that comes as a ‘how' can only be 'gotten' by you. Then you can share from your perspective so others can 'get it' too. They will each get it in their own unique way and then resonate to it, emanating it from their being, so even more can get it by osmosis or transference. When you understand something in this way, beyond your logical mind, you vibrate to the answer with all of your being, which has an effect on your environment and anyone in it.

This 'getting it' beyond even needing to understand it, is what is supporting the 'awakening' of all of us into higher dimensional knowing. I encourage you to try this for your self: sit with something that you really, really, want to know about and simply ask, without needing to know (because that would be attachment to the need to know). Come more from the place of wonderment, wondering, and childlike curiosity. 

An answer will come that only you can understand, because of who you are...

Remember when you were young and you looked up and asked an adult, "how many stars are in the sky?" Yes that is it! That beautiful, innocent, feeling of wonderment is exactly the place you want to come from, when you ask your ‘why' question. It is in that unique-only-to-you place that an answer will come that only you can understand, because of who you are.

Share your why question and what you got, in the comments below, so that others can delight in your ‘how' answer. Because you are vibrating to the answer, it will cause the rest of us to 'get it' in our own unique ways too. Are you starting to get the picture of how we are all working for the collective consciousness of humanity's evolution and beyond?

Can you see and feel now how we are ALL working for the higher good of mankind? Your wondering about anything, put into the ‘why’ question, and then bringing your ‘how' answer of unique understanding, is partly why you are here for all of us.

Ask and you shall receive. Why not? My unique answer that comes (as another question) is, "how else can you awaken to innate wisdom and live from inner knowing for you?  

Become a field of clarity by asking ‘why' to all that you wonder so that you can come into the clear knowing of understanding. The time has come to connect to the inner guru of YOU!

In wonderment,


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