Who YOU Are Being ...

Who YOU Are Being

by Anya Sophia Mann

Who YOU are being toward any person or situation is your only control in life. That is one powerful realization if you sit with it and let it sink in. It puts you front and center in the driver’s seat of any personal and all world events around you, to include money issues, an economic crash, and relationship changes due to break-ups from illness, death or natural dissolving due to irreconcilable differences. 

Who YOU are being in the all of life is the only and most powerful control you have, and it is right there inside of you. You can influence all situations by simply ‘being’ with them, and not reacting. 'Response ability’, in other words being able to respond and not react, is the greatest most empowered position in your life that you can do with your life.

It is really about bringing the BEing to the doing in everything you encounter, from cutting the grass to grocery shopping to listening to the news and having a conversation about it. How you respond is who you BE in any given moment. Fear, hysteria, negativity, victim etc. are all reactions that cause you to shrink and feel disempowered to what is happening outside of you that you did not cause. It is just happening. 

The true empowered you, internally referencing the resource of YOU in all your resourcefulness and resilience is the best access to empowerment you can ever have in all that life presents.

 “The richest resource you have is your own self-empowered beautiful being"

Regeneration and rejuvenation are very important when living a life ‘powered by YOU’ from internal resources that you can connect with, especially if they are familiar as a result of your ‘practice’ of connecting to your core essence. 

There are many ways to do that such as meditation, mindfulness, music, yoga, sitting in stillness, conscious breathing, walking in nature, so, so many ways. You find your way in to the richest resource you have, which is your own self-empowered beautiful being that you bring to our world to help shape it.

Who YOU are being - is who you are in any moment. Be the most fluid empowered you, then nothing and no one outside of you can ever dim your light. Shine bright from the inside out and everything you touch will rise in frequency into your light, changing as a result of how YOU are being with it. 

Who YOU are being is your most empowered position in the whole of your life.

In Love,


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