What Is New?

what is new

What Is New?

by Anya Sophia Mann

Looking for what is new in your life is like ‘following the yellow brick road’ on a revealing path to the future you (the other more expanded you) that is guiding your every step. Let your life be guided by the simple question - what is new? Try it for a day. Look for every little nuance of something new in your life. Look for it in everything. The food you eat. The way you make a decision. The drive you take to work. The way you do your laundry, …and so on. There is so much to look for that is overlooked every single day in your life!

Your first question upon waking in the morning can be, 'what is new?' What a magical path that will set you on! Notice the phrasing of the question, it is not 'so what’s new?' Different question, eliciting a different response. I recall many times in my life earlier on when people would say 'what’s new?' and I would cringe because I had no answer, because nothing was new. 'Same old same old’, is a common response to the question. Very deflating and disempowering. The unrealized opportunity here is the big bell ringing, inviting us to consider (and focus on) what exactly is new. 

 “...we really need to be paying attention to those little subtle shifts and changes, pointing to what IS new in the everyday. Those are the indicators of where your life is headed!"

We tend to look for the big new things, house, car, job, relationship etc. when what we really need to be paying attention to is those little subtle shifts and changes, pointing to what IS new in the everyday. Those are the indicators of where your life is headed! The more expanded, higher aspect of you (higher self, wiser self, more expanded self etc.) is using the awareness of the newness that you put your attention on, to grow you even more into who you really are, behind all the limitations that hold you back in life.

Many of those limitations will be felt as being stuck or lacking motion and movement, and just feeling like life is dull and boring. A common question is 'What’s it all for?' The most immediate anwer can be found in the newness of life. Your life! Just for today focus not only on what is new but also how you can create simple newness with everything. From there your life will be a fresh unfoldment: entertaining your spirit and keeping you spry in your spirit and full of life, vitality and happiness. I encourage and  you to live into your life, loving and looking for your creation from a higher, elevated aspect of you - what is new!

Living fresh in what is new,


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