What If … ?!


What If … ?!

by Anya Sophia Mann

What if . . . you are here to expand your mind? 

What if . . . you are here to open your heart? . . . more!

What if you are here to 'create-create-create' in the simplest of ways … every day?

We are flow-ers of energy, the energy of love and light. Science has actually proven that we are beings of light. Light frequencies are vibrating and emanating through us, like sunlight lasering through a crystal, refracting prisms of light rainbows dancing on the walls of a room. We are light dancing with light.

To expand brings in more light emanating on the planet through you.

To open your heart means the higher frequency of love can collectively be the dominant vibration in humanity. To create is why we are here as creator beings evolving consciousness with our everyday creations.

Why am I sharing this with you? To raise your awareness which may inspire you to feel more deeply into the reasons you were born into this physical dimension called Earth.

What is uniquely unique about you? It is true, absolutely true, that each and everyone of us has a unique ray of light, that we are meant to shine and share for the evolution of all of us. The light of your perception projects a ray of light unlike any other, anywhere. Which is why you are here - to shine your light through the lens of you! 

The more heart-centered you are in your loving kindness, the higher the chances are that people will naturally raise their vibration by coming in contact in any way with you whether through thoughts, words, or deeds. 

So I encourage you to expand, open, and create, for your self. Allowing your higher light to shine for us all in the direct connection to your higher self, which is guiding you beyond your knowing, until you do know. At which point you can then consciously choose to connect to higher aspects of you to create a better world, a new world where we all know we are one human family.

What if you chose today to really show up in the world as someone who knows who they are: as a flow-er of energy and shone your light through a twinkle in your eye, with a happy heart heard in your voice, and reflecting through the universal language of your smile? … imagine that into being!

Be light … in love!


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Anya MannAnya Sophia Mann is a Visionary Intuitive Life Coach,  Author and Speaker. She supports individuals and businesses in doing more of what they love (and came here to do) by creating environments for the conscious evolution of body, mind and soul. For details of classes, workshops and other events with Anya join her mailing list.  She offers individual Sessions and  personal Coaching and Mentoring.

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