What Is A Visionary Intuitive?


What Is A Visionary Intuitive?

by Anya Sophia Mann

This question was recently asked on my Facebook page and since I am writing a book called "Born Connected: Life In The World of A Visionary Intuitive", this is a timely question. Let's start with two dictionary definitions: 

Visionary: (a  person) thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom: a visionary leader.

Intuitive: Instinctive knowing (without the use of rational processes).

My definition, based on experience, is that information in the form of instant, direct, clear knowing about a person, place, or situation, is available in the moment.  Especially when I'm asked a question, or when I'm wondering about something.  For example, wondering about life and the relationship to things that appear separate, brings me into an overall perception of oneness. In other words, I experience the world and people not as separate, but all connected as one entity or system.

This is what makes me unique, as we ALL are unique in our perception and therefore our expression in the world. Why would a person or corporation want to consult with me as a Visionary Intuitive? Simply because, like the relaxed laser-like focus of a cheetah, I'm able to zoom in to the heart of the matter of what is happening and what wants to happen, for the individual and the collective. 

For example, recently while coaching a newer client (a young man), I watched him shift from 'not fitting in' to fully embracing and being excited about just how unique he truly is in his multidimensional view of life. One could easily think of him as a floundering college drop-out, yet the field of my perception revealed his energy to be that of a creative genius about to bring something huge to this planet that will add greatly to the collective awakening. A few powerful, dynamic, coaching conversations sparked his awareness to the resonance of these ideas. He now dreams in real-time and can see himself actualizing this enormous vision. He has gone from hovering in the academic world to fully embracing the excitement and juice of entrepreneurship with passion and purpose.

Life has been a real adventure for me watching myself have the courage to live my gifts and, in turn, supporting others in discovering, connecting to, and living the gifts that we are all here to bring to this beautiful existence that we are growing and evolving in. Ultimately a Visionary Intuitive is in service to the collective consciousness of the heart and soul of humanity co-creating a new world.

I would say that a Visionary Intuitive is someone who uses their own perception and clear knowing to directly connect and align people and businesses with their unique purpose, path and expression in the world.

My perception, and knowing, of you is: your uniqueness IS your success!

Live your Vision!


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