by Anya Sophia Mann

Trust. What a precious word. Precious, meaning 'of great value and not to be wasted or treated carelessly'. To become trustworthy meaning 'able to be relied on as honest or truthful', is really to be valued beyond measure.

The energy of trust is ultimately, unquestionably, learning to trust one's own self above all others. That starts early on in our lives. If a baby cries and finds it's thumb to suck, or a blanket to hold, these are early signs of self-soothing. The baby learns to rely on themselves, unconsciously at first and then consciously. Maturing is witnessed by the child/adult's ability to rely on itself, as opposed to always reaching out to something outside of themselves for comfort.

To trust anything or anyone is a journey in and of itself. It starts with the process of learning to trust yourself first and foremost. Because if you do not trust you then you will not trust the world, or anyone in it, and all the events outside of you that happen in between. 

Self trust is the foundation for 'being with' everything that comes in to your experience. So what does that look like in everyday life? If you have come into this life to learn trust as one of your soul's lessons, then early childhood could have presented you with several situations involving betrayal from the very people you trust.  If that was the case for you or someone you know, can you see how that very betrayal would have put you on a path to not give your personal power over to another? And to learn to trust yourself above all?

You are here to learn to trust you. Then you become trustworthy for yourself and others.

The journey to trust can be a long and winding road with lots of ups and downs, twists and turns, in a myriad of situations until YOU get it. You are here to learn to trust you. Then you become trustworthy for yourself and others. 

When you have you to rely on you can trust again, and if things don't work out out it's not a problem because now you have you to fall back on. If you don't then you become devastated by the situation or person that you so heavily trusted and relied on. They have the power to destroy you emotionally in one act of abandonment. That can never happen when you have you, and trust you. 

This is the beauty in the seemingly tough lessons that precede learning to trust yourself. You can learn to absolutely depend on you and your inner knowing, which shows up as an array of 'gut feelings' guiding you to right relations, and good decisions. 

With hindsight, I can see a trail of betrayal in my life. Why? Because trust is one of the lessons I am here to learn. For a while my self-talk around each betrayal was along the lines of, 'am I not worthy of being loved?' or the really diminishing question we all ask at some point, 'what is wrong with me?' A lack of self esteem and feelings of unworthiness would ensue, that became underlying limiting beliefs, unconsciously driving my behavior.

Trust is a beautiful life lesson. The graceful reward for this bumpy journey to trust, is a self-empowered, loving, compassionate and reliable connection to yourself that others can rely on.  Trusting yourself to be 'trusworthy' in a way no one else can ever teach you. You are your own lesson in trust. 

Trust IS the ultimate you!


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