by Anya Sophia Mann

I wonder: 

Who is spirit? What is spirit? Where is spirit? When does spirit show up, or leave? Why is spirit? How does spirit show up?

One thing I know for sure is that life is all about the meaning that we as individuals and a collective, give things in our lives. So here I go, as a 'stream of consciousness', giving meaning to the word spirit. In other words I am calling in the collective consciousness of who I have been in all lifetimes, to come forward through my heart and dance with my fingers on the keyboard, sharing with you what spirit means to me!

Who is spirit?

The ALL of 'All That Is'. Like the wind that gently blows through a tree, or lifts the sails of a boat and soars it forward. The life-force energy surging through the lungs of a new born baby’s cry announcing their first ‘hello' to the world! The final releasing exhale of an elderly great grandmother, revealing her release of spirit from the physical body vehicle.

What is spirit?

The joy that wakes you up in the morning after a really hard day before. The desire that compels you to care for the sick, the old, the dying, the children, the community, the team, the project, the homeless, the fundraiser, the less fortunate, the injured. The way you keep on keeping on. ALL of it, and more.

There isn't a place you can go where spirit does not exist. You can feel it. You can see it. Spirit dances the dancer. Spirit is felt strongly in the birth of spring, giving life and exuberance to everything.

Where is spirit?

Everywhere in everything. There isn't a place you can go where spirit does not exist. You can feel it. You can see it. Spirit dances the dancer. Spirit is felt strongly in the birth of spring, giving life and exuberance to everything.

When does spirit show up?

When you call it forward by noticing it. You can see it in the eyes and the demeanor of a horse, a dog, or any of our pet friends. A child at play runs and skips as if following their spirit in front and all around them. Young children have no direction they are just a delighted, jovial, magical, display of spirit expressing! Unexpected tragedies really call forth the boundless true spirit of humanity when the brotherhood of humankind comes together, with no boundaries, driven by compassion.

Why is spirit?

The collective heart and soul of humanity is elevated and evolving through the union and communion of the intangible frequency of higher love and light expressing itself from the Source of all that is in the Oneness of Spirit. Living through every one, and everything, in a myriad of unending expressions united in wholeness.

How does spirit show up?

A bird singing. A shielded firefighter, walking through flames to save a child. The inkling of a mother to check in on a sleeping child, who is found with a high fever. A struggling entrepreneur who gets a brilliant idea in the night that turns his company around. The urge to have your car brakes checked, and they are found faulty. A twinkle in the eye of a stranger, who becomes your husband and the father of your children. The faith in your doctor as he tends to your terminal diagnosis. The confident hands of a midwife assisting your baby's birth. It goes on, and on, and on.

YOU are spirit having a human experience through this body vehicle, in this lifetime. Can you feel it? Can you see it? Can you smell it? Can you hear it? Can you taste it? Spirit is everywhere in the tangible and intangible. Consciously be aware of who you are, and why you are here, in Spirit!

In spirit,


There are so many references to spirit in so many ways that I really want to explore this more deeply with you. I would really appreciate it if you would add your comments to the bottom of this blog to share your thoughts, experience of, and your idea of spirit. Thank you.

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