A Single Thought!

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A Single Thought!

by Anya Sophia Mann

What If A Billion People Change A Single Thought? What could the world become? If one single thought by billions of people keeps us in the idea of separation, then if we change that thought we can move into 'Unity Consciousness'. Oneness: the single truth of all that is. We know (and evidence is now catching up to that knowing) that thoughts create reality and we are living out, and up against, that reality. One single unified thought: that we are separate from each other, separate from God, separate from nature. This very idea, this very unconscious, underlying, driving, limiting belief has created realities that divide and conquer. That compete and compel people to not unite and align.

What if I am you and you are me? What if we are all aspects of each other, showing ourselves to ourselves? What if something greater than us wants to know itself through our individual unique expression? What if all that is, is us? Expressing in different forms. What if everything is energy? What if everything is eternally moving? What if life is living through us, as us? What if we are everything we have ever been and will ever be? Evolving now into greater and greater expressions of the love that we are. What if all of the above is true? Then what?

We would have to consciously step into the world knowing that we are part of a system. A universal system of higher intelligence, higher order, that is always and forever in a state of flux and movement toward harmony. We, on this planet, think we are alone. Think again. Think a higher thought. Is it possible we are alone? Look around you. Life is everywhere, in everything, in some form.

Today, right here, right now, this eternal moment affects infinity. Let's think the thought that we are connected to each other through the love of the heart that flows through all of us. Not one single thing needs to happen for 'heart resonance' to be toned, or awakened. It is already. Unlike a drum or a bell, nothing needs to strike it to hear the tone of the heart. It is a rhythm that needs nothing to experience it. It is already there, as part of life and living.

What needs to happen only, is the uncovering: the melting of layers of conditioning from eons, that is sitting on the single beat, tone, sound that is the oneness of all of us. The heart rhythm. This is what we are moving into, in our connection to the Oneness that we are.

Can you think a higher thought, beyond the idea that you and I are separate, in our oneness? You have the power to unite us all in one single thought of unity. You have the power to change the world through your single thought about our world. Yes, you can. We will shift humanity through individual thoughts. 

Me is WE!


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