by Anya Sophia Mann

Could now be a perfect time for you to consider what it might mean to simplify your life? To what extent, and in what areas, you might do that? What actually does it mean to simplify? Perhaps that is a great place to start. Explore what it might mean to you, to simplify. Clearing the clutter is a great way to experience the joy of living from the clear space of simple abundance.

Simple abundance can not only be a reality you experience daily, but it can also be an everflowing feeling of being abundant in all areas of your life, because you have lessened attachment to things. However it can be so much more than that, to include people, places and situations. Take a look at what has a hold on you. For example, when you think about not doing something you usually do, (like calling your Mother every Sunday or having a weekly date night with your partner) does it tug on your psyche or heart strings if you think about not doing it? That is a sure sign of attachment. No right or wrong here, just attachment.

How free might you feel, and be, to simplify everything? If that feels too much just pick one area of your life. Let's say your kitchen. Open some drawers and cabinets and look at what you are storing. Can you simplify it? Just start there, with that question. What becomes really interesting is that when you start down that road you will end up carrying it forward into other areas. In this case it could be how you cook, what you cook, and the resulting type of shopping you do for those meals. Who knows? Maybe simplifying your kitchen will cause a few extra pounds to release in your body!

Simple abundance can not only be a reality you experience daily, but it can also be an everflowing feeling of being abundant in all areas of your life, because you have lessened attachment to things.

Simplifying can really open up many unseen benefits for you to experience. You could find out so much about you that is fresh and new. The very things that we are storing in our home is like adorning ourselves in outfits that we acquired a few years ago, which really no longer match who we are now.

Ask this simple question, as you go about your home environment and clothes closet: "Is this a reflection of the highest of who I am right now?" The answer will reveal whether you are connected externally to who you are internally. You would want them to be a match so that the outer reflection of you expresses the inner reflection of who you are becoming.

There is so much more to simplifying than I could write in this small space, in terms of what it can include in your life. It can include your thoughts, your things, your finances, stuff you own, people you interact with, the email lists you belong to, the books you acquire and so on. 

Expand your sense of freedom by freeing up space in all areas of your life, inside and out. You could even keep your life so simple in the fullness of feeling in your heart that when you walk out your front door YOU have everything you could want or need. That would be YOU! And that could start a whole new relationship in the comfort of your real 'home' within YOU.



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