Shine Bright!

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Shine Bright!

by Anya Sophia Mann

What if now is YOUR time to shine!?

What if right now is your moment to share you with the world like never before?

What if you are here amongst all of us to think and feel uniquely, as a way of contributing to humanity?

What if everything you have ever been to anyone is to activate something inside of them for their evolution?

What if the most beautiful person on the whole planet is you, in every moment, breathing life into this world with your every breath, transforming all of us?

What if the very best of you is what you project into the world every single moment of everyday, and your job is to realize that?

What if it is your job to know inside that you already are enough, just as you are right now ...and right now ...and right now ...and so on.

 “What if you are light, a ray of light, here to light up this world brighter than it could be without you?"

What if you are light, a ray of light, here to light up this world brighter than it could be without you?

What if all there is to do is shine, shine, shine, with every twinkle in your eye and every heartfelt smile from within?

What if the natural expression of you is the greatest achievement you can ever contribute with your life?

What if this very now moment is eternal, and is creating worlds beyond this world universally, and you are playing an infinite part in it?

What if all there is, is YOU at the center of Your Own Universe that you are living within, how would you consciously create your world?

What if you are here to create, create, create, everything that you get to experience, which is evolving you on a soul level?

What if all of everything is specifically and simply here for you to notice what you notice, and experience it consciously?

What if you are meant to meet every single person whose eyes you come in contact with, because you are here to exchange light and energy with them to help you to remember who you really are in the world?

What if everything society has taught you has nothing to do with you and that you are here to create everything anew?

What if you are the very best thing that has ever happened in the world as you know it and that you are here to shift perspective?

What if absolutely everything you need or want is within the  power of you to attract, create and energize?

What if you are the greatest creator of everything that follows the words  What If ? …

In wonder,


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Anya MannAnya Sophia Mann is a  Visionary Intuitive Life Coach,  Author and Speaker. She supports individuals and businesses in doing more of what they love (and came here to do) by creating environments for the conscious evolution of body, mind and soul. For details of classes, courses, workshops and other events with Anya join her mailing list. She offers individual Sessions and  personal Coaching and Mentoring.

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