by Anya Sophia Mann

There is a poem that begins "People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime". The reality of a relationship lies in what is co-created as a result of that relationship. People from all walks of life come together for a unique purpose. Like a relay race where a person runs so far and then hands the baton to another who runs farther, and then hands it to another, and so on. Like the Olympic flame, brought from one country to another, the eternal flame never burns out. It is simply passed on from one person to the next.

Here is a working definition that I use for relationship: "me, as relates to you". If you really sit with that you can begin to get it on many levels. In other words, who am I being in this? What is this relationship bringing out in me? These questions are all great indicators as to who you are becoming, through the great revealer of being in relationship.

The form of relationship you have with your dog, your car, your house, your body, your heart, your mind, even with the grass on your front lawn, reflects back something to you about you. Often a message that you can't see for yourself. For example right now my car is what I would call, by my standards, a mess. Doesn't matter why, no excuses. What is the message? Well for me if my car windows are dirty and clouded over it means I am not wanting to see something clearly in my life. So I sit with the question, what in my life do I not want to see? Thus allowing clear vision to be clouded over like the car windows. Am I avoiding something? These are just a few great questions you can ask yourself about your relationships with everyone and everything.

 The form of relationship you have with your dog, your car, your house, your body, your heart, your mind, even with the grass on your front lawn, reflects back something to you about you. 

When seen in this way, a relationship can be the greatest teacher, and evolutionary catalyst, in your life for your mind, body, and soul! The "Reason, Season, Lifetime" poem is a wonderful work of art in words, reminding us of the many forms through reasons, seasons and lifetimes that relationships can take. Take a moment now and use the comment box below to share your thoughts around all of these ideas.

We can become so very present to our lives when we decide and allow ourselves, to really learn and expand with relationship. One of the best lessons I have learned is to 'frame' a relationship. What that means is to put a 'frame of words' around a person, place, or situation with which you are in relationship. It works wonders and keeps you focused on your desired, intended outcome. For example, a frame you might use for your boss at work may be 'she is growing me through conflict'; for one of your children it might be, 'he is awakening my compassionate heart'; for your husband or wife, 'she is softening my edges and cracking open my guarded heart'; and for your pet, 'he shows me consistent non-judgemental love, showing me how to love and accept myself not matter what'. These are just some examples. Play with them, and create your own versions. I'd love to hear of your experience with this!

Learn about you through another. In relationship keep your eye on YOU. Be your best by learning and growing from each revealing relationship, in appreciation and gratitude for the lessons learned and shared. This is where knowledge becomes wisdom.

Enjoy your relationships!


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