Question Everything!


Question Everything!

by Anya Sophia Mann

I'm not talking to the teenager in you when I offer the idea to question everything! I'm proposing that you try it on for size, for just a week or so. How come? Because you might find that you have been acting on many things, automatically and without thought. In other words, unconsciously. 

Here are some ideas for questions to ask about everything: 

  • Is it true? 
  • Is that in alignment with who I am? 
  • Whose belief is it anyway? 
  • Does that reflect me? 
  • Where am I in this? 
  • Are these my thoughts? 

Let's apply those simple questions to this example: "You should go to church on Sunday". 

  • Whose belief is it anyway? My family's. 
  • Are those your thoughts? No, they have been imposed on me since a young child. 
  • Is that in alignment with who you are? Not really, I would rather be in nature, that's my church. 
  • Does that reflect me? It feels like just a routine habit, unquestioned. 
  • Are these my thoughts? No, they are someone else's thoughts that are driving my behavior.

Questioning yourself, in all that you do, can reveal a fresh version of you that is just waiting to be discovered and expressed in the world. 

The idea 'you should go to church' is just a quick example that many of us can relate to, yet the same principle can be applied across the board to almost anything. Working a job 9 to 5 for a company, because "that's what people do". Get married and have children, in that order, because "that is the right way". Go to college, get a degree, then a job, and make money, and so on.

Question everything! You just might find out who you really are underneath it all. We are living out so many unquestioned beliefs that are not even our own. Questioning yourself, in all that you do, can reveal a fresh version of you that is just waiting to be discovered and expressed in the world. 

Inquire within for different results!


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