by Anya Sophia Mann

Being present is what allows us to be with what is. Other than that, everything is either whizzing by us or blowing us over. What does it mean to you to be present? That answer to that will be a great place to begin becoming more present in your own life. More aware that there is a 'you' within, and beyond, your physical appearance. And that is what people feel when you are present to it. That is also what people feel the lack of, when you are not present. It is like a void, and you will notice people will ask you questions like, "are you there?" "did you hear me?" "did you get that?" "where are you?" "are you listening?" 

All those questions from others speak to your lack of presence to what is in front of you. There are lots of ways to become more present. It begins with your desire to be more present. That speaks to the awareness that you are not present. So what is that awareness? That self awareness that is noticing you're not fully there. Bingo! That's it, right there! 

Becoming more self-aware is what is going to connect you to being more present. Notice what you notice throughout the day. Blue sky, green grass, smell of rain, speed of a train, what ever gets your attention is calling you to the present moment. Birds chirping is a great way to focus on the present, and notice what you notice, in that moment of birds calling you home to you!

Being present is not complicated. Start with your intention to be with you in awareness throughout the many distractions from self in each day.

Always look to what else is there in that present moment awareness. Slowing down your mind by sitting for a moment in stillness and letting your breathing soothe you into your being. There is so much in that one sentence that speaks of the simplicity of life! 

Being present is not complicated. Start with your intention to be with you, in awareness, throughout the many distractions from self in each day. In that stillness, of being present to yourself in the present moment, a conversation of self talk can begin. "I love you" are beautiful words to say to your self when you are there and aware that you are there. 

The greatest message you can give another is the encouragement that you are there for and with them through your presence. People feel so heard and seen when we are present. The best is when you presence your own presence. You become aware of a presence within and around you that is YOU. And then engage with that like it was your new best friend and take it everywhere you go. You can never lose yourself to anyone or anything when you stay connected to that core essence of you that is felt like a presence in the room. 

Presencing your presence is when life begins to relax and becomes more beautifully full. Full of you. And then your presence will precede you before entering a room or a meeting. The magic of people saying that they just felt you before you called will be evidence that you are present to you. 

Presencing your presence in the present moment can be felt by others beyond time and space. Be in the moment of you being present. Now that's presence!

In presence ...


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