by Anya Sophia Mann

I keep seeing the word 'pray'. What might that mean? To pray is often associated with religion and God. I am more spiritual than religious and I pray. What does it mean, to pray? I am sure that it is different for each person who prays, whether it be one time in their life when they are frightened and alone, or ongoing as they sit at the bedside of a loved one transitioning after a long illness, or a child following a car accident. We all have our own way to pray.

For me to pray is to envision (unlike the formal prayers I was taught to recite having attended catholic school for  eight years). The words in those prayers had little meaning for me at the time like "hallowed be they name". I still to this day do not know the meaning of ‘hallowed' so I will look that up real soon! 

Pray to me means to envision something the way you would like it to be and have it be for the highest good of all, because I may not be able to see the bigger picture of what is going on. So that brings me to who can see the bigger picture?  Well, I am not sure about that. What I do know is what I have great faith in, and that is that something greater IS going on that I only have fleeting glimpses of insight about. Yet I do have faith in it. Like a master maestro that is orchestrating the all of it, as all the instruments harmonize to make music.

Listening to beautiful music for me is like being in a sacred place or being in a sacred moment in time. I just found the meaning of ‘hallowed' - it means sacred. I can say listening to music is a hallowed space for me, as it transports me in time out of what may be disturbing me. So now we can see why, for me, to pray is to envision or transform what I am concerned about, or wanting to be different. To pray for or about something causes a different (better) feeling about it. Hope often arises out of the praying. How beautiful is that?

To pray for a better, more harmonious world to live in, means we are willing to see and feel a grander version of ourselves, and each other.

We are living in changing, challenging, times throughout our world on all levels. To pray for a better, more harmonious world to live in, means we are willing to see and feel a grander version of ourselves, and each other. As a result of that prayer or envisioning we begin to feel differently, better, more optimistic about what is possible. 

Today's writing was prompted by a short video someone sent me showing just how much people are really on the edge with the stresses of life. A police officer was beating a harmless man with a rod as several other officers joined in. I felt sick inside for all concerned. I understood even more clearly the words of another prayer that I memorized as a child (and didn’t understand at the time). "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do". I believe that. People do not know what they are doing, or why they are doing less than good things. I believe that we can also make a huge difference by how we view the wrong doing, and by not holding further judgement, which adds to an already negative situation.

To pray means to see 'what is’ and then shift it, through thoughts and feelings, to a higher more elevated view. We can do that through how we envision what we hear or see. It doesn't mean we ignore what's there. It just means we do not add to the scene negatively. We hold space for something to be better all around, for the individuals involved and for all concerned. To pray doesn't always mean you have to have a god, or deity, to pray to. To pray can be simply to envision a better scenario. I pray for love and peace to prevail in humanity. The very thought of that allows me to see more in people's eyes and hearts, than may be apparent from their actions done out of sheer over-the-edge frustration. 

I also forgive, because I do believe that people don’t know what they are doing when bad stuff happens. It's like they lose their sanity. Another line in a prayer I heard, "there but for the grace of God go I". I never understood that one either. I always wondered why me and not them, to get this grace thing from a god! Now I know. 

We are the grace that comes when we connect to that hallowed place within our own being, which is sacred. The heart is a sacred place from which to envision humanity in a better state of being, in a world that co-exists in harmony, peace and love. I pray everyday and it feels good. You can too.

Prayerfully in peace and love,


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