Peace Begins With Me

Soldier With Child2

Peace Begins With Me

by Anya Sophia Mann

The words “peace begins with me” shot like a heat-seeking missile to my heart, when I saw a picture that was going around the internet. It was a picture of a soldier holding a child on his lap.  Both were sleeping. Her family were already executed and she was next in line, but survived the shot to her head.  Unable to sleep at night, the only heart embrace that could cradle her, was that of this soldier at the hospital.  They had slept sitting up, in a simple folding chair, for the fourth night.  She continues to recover through the healing power of love that emanates from the peace within.  

Why those words “peace begins with me”  I thought?  Because every thought I think about that scenario, affects the whole of it in the collective consciousness.  I could actually feel within me the power of peace.  It is palpable in its’ presence.  My heartfelt tears melting me into a compassionate heart, for all sides of this situation.  I saw in this picture the basic goodness of humanity.  I felt it within me. 

The physical heart-to-heart connection of their body position, awakened a knowing in me that we really do know how to be healers for, and with, each other.  The love of who we are, underneath everything, heals.  This healing force is who we are universally.


We as one human family are innately connected.  We live in the illusion, and delusion, that we are separate.  In an article for Life Coaching Magazine I wrote “What If A Billion People Change A Single Thought?”. The single thought, that limits us, is that we are separate from each other, and the whole of the Universe.

If ‘peace begins with me’, I thought, ‘what can I do to expand that feeling of peaceful, pure, unconditional love, for all?’  Continue to watch my thoughts, mindfully, about all situations that come to my attention.  Continue my meditation practice, which takes me even deeper within the silent space.

The worldly condition needs the peaceful space that we all have in us.  Let us bring to mind where we put our attention, on the war side or the peace side, of matters.  There cannot be a war outside if there is peace inside.  This starts in our homes, with our family, friends, co-workers, community and so on.  

I know from experience that I can hold in my heart the picture of this soldier and little girl, and that they will receive the resonance of healing, through the bonds of love.  I know and believe that we are all connected and that each one of us matters.  I picture a world where we all hold the highest good for all in our hearts, consciously. Be with the healing power of love.

Be light … in love!


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