No One Can Love You More Than You

No One Can Love You More Than You

by Anya Sophia Mann

If someone loves you more than you love yourself, the balance of power is off. No one can love you more than you. It may seem like they do but if so, something else is going on. There are lots of labels we could use for the situation where someone loves you more than you love yourself, but why go there? Let's just sit with the idea that, no-one can love you more than you. In other words, you attract love into your life in direct proportion to how connected you are to your core essence of love.

Like a three-tiered fountain flowing liquid love, people will benefit from the emanation of that love that is you at your core. Better to BE the love that you are, which then becomes a beautiful reminder to people that they too are love, as the essence of their being. When it comes to sharing love with someone, rather than sending love the right order and right relation is to become more and more of the love you feel for them.

 “You attract love into your life in direct proportion to how connected you are to your core essence of love."

For example, can you love a change of heart into reality? Yes! By being greater, higher love your self. If you are that environment of love people will change and shift in your presence. The flowing of that love in your energy field is what allows others to get what they need in that space without you helping them. 

We can't really know what a person needs yet their higher self knows exactly, precisely, what is needed. We can be a channel for that love to flow through, in a form that is received by them in a way exactly as they need it. This is one for pondering over a cup of tea. Let your imagination begin to come up with images that will support and make sense of this idea.

Simply put, YOU BEing the love that you are will flow universal love and compassion as needed whenever someone comes into your presence. Without out doing anything (which can get in the way) this naturally happens the more you love you, and the less you feel the need to give or send love. 

BE the LOVE that you are and the rest naturally happens in that environment, like flowers and trees growing in a field without directions from anybody or any thing. Just like children playing, being nourished and bathed in delight at a fountain on a hot day, it ALL just happens as a result of simply being the love essence that is all of us.

In Love,


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