by Anya Sophia Mann

Here is an acronym that I share with clients when they ask anything about money (it has also served me well in my own life in many ways): 

M.O.N.E.Y. = My Own Natural Energy Yield

For me, what that means is that I will yield from whatever I put my mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and financial energy into. Just like a farmer when he is harvesting will yield the benefits and fruits of the investment of his time and energy. Whether preparing the land, planting the seeds, watering and/or fertilizing, all of his actions, attention, and intention, is consciously focused on a desired event.

Evolving the energy a little further beyond a desired event to an intended outcome is one key to successful yields. Then moving it further again, to focus on an expected outcome is getting even more advanced!  Allowing yourself to feel the 'feeling state' of the expected outcome puts you in the energy to attract and experience it even more. The biggest key in all of this  is to NOT be attached to the intended or expected outcome. This or something greater could be coming for you, that is beyond your imagination at the time of intending, and may just be for the highest good of all where life is using you to get it out there.

This idea of 'My Own Natural Energy Yield' brings a higher perspective to MONEY,  as it goes beyond money, focusing you on watching where you flow your energy, and expect a Return On Investment (ROI). When you view money as an energy that is always moving, it can grow exponentially, especially when you don't block the flow!

When you view money as an energy that is always moving, it can grow exponentially, especially when you don't block the flow!

Move the energy of money by investing and sharing to keep it flowing. The meaning that you give to money is key to unlocking doors for money to flow to (and through) you. Seeing the flow of money as the result of Your Own Natural Energy Yield is a new shift in perspective that can shift your physical reality in unimaginable ways. 

Be open to the idea that your ‘yield' can come through a different door, not necessarily in the same way as your energy investment. Remain confident knowing that you made the investment and it will come, then look for your yield to come to you through different doors. Keep raising your energy to the feeling state of having that which you are wanting, which evolves it even more to the feeling of having it already!

Go test drive that new car! Go walk through the new house that’s for sale! Try on that new high-end suit, top it off with awesome shoes, and don't forget the purse! Have fun feeling the feelings of the outcome of this acronym of MONEY being 'My Own Natural Energy Yield’. Enjoy the bountiful harvest that comes with your new shift in perspective, remembering that money can change shape and come in through a myriad of different doors. Keep your mind on the abundance of life, then watch for it. It's everywhere!

In abundance,


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