Love Is A Knowing, A Feeling, A Connection

Love Is A Knowing, A Feeling, A Connection

by Anya Sophia Mann

When you fall in love you are falling in love with yourself in the eyes of the other. It is love coming back to you. If you do not see or feel love for, and with, the other it is a direct feedback message to you that you are not being love. You are not living it. Our whole purpose is to be love. To connect with it. To know love as ourselves.

Love is a feeling not caused by other. It is innate, already within. We get caught thinking that love has to come from outside of us, to us. It is the other way around. We are love. We give love. We connect to other from the love that we are. From the knowing that is so deep and divine that runs through all of us.

Love is not only something that human beings feel for each other. It is everywhere, in everything. Love is what flows through all of life. It is life. What is this feeling inside when you look into the eyes of a newborn baby, or puppy? What is this feeling that comes even though we do not even know this person or animal? What is it that we are connecting to? It is the love of our heart-mind. It is a vibration: an essence, that is eternal.

Within each of our hearts this is an eternal flame that lights our way, as we move through life. When we love without attachment we connect everything to everything. That is what we do, as spiritual beings having a physical experience on this earth plane. We come from love, we will return to it. In the meantime we are here to learn about love, and share that with each other.

If you love just one person in your life, let it be you. Learn to love yourself. You cannot fully love another until you come to know love for yourself. We get caught thinking that it has to come from outside of us when it really is just a way to bring it back to ourselves. It may sound selfish, and it is, but in the highest way. We cannot drink from a fountain that is not flowing. So fill yourself with compassionate love for yourself, and overflow that into your human family.

Love will change the world. It is a way to our only hope, which is consciousness. When we rise to the level of seeing ourselves as 'flow-ers' of love we can share that feeling in the commonest of places: the grocery store; our neighbors and bosses; family and friends. Be the love that you are, and you will change the world. Your world will change. And the world will change. I'm flowing love now. Can you feel it?

Be light … in love!


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