by Anya Sophia Mann

Do we really listen? I mean, really listen open-heartedly with our full presence and an open mind? It’s such a beautiful gift to give to someone who is taking the time, and has the interest, to share something of their life with you. Even writing this blog is a way of sharing my thoughts, feelings, and experience with you. Are you just simply reading it? Or are you really listening for the message of what these words might mean to you, in your own life personally or professionally?

When we lean in wholeheartedly and really listen to another's voice, even in the form of the written word, we can hear so much more when the heart is engaged. It's not up to the person speaking to engage your heart (although that may happen). It is up to you to present yourself as a willing listener and sprinkle their words with your presence, which positively impacts the words shared.

One of the most powerful positions you can take as a fully engaged listener, is to be silent as you breathe in the words. That very conscious act can alchemize the feeling behind the words you are receiving, elevating the vibration and meaning of the words. This can then cause the person sharing to feel valued, appreciated, and even more self confident in their sharing. This (of course) leads to more sharing and more compassion for themselves and others, in the vulnerability of sharing their truth, experience, thoughts and ideas.

This is the caring and sharing that makes the world go round in a beautiful pulsing circle of giving and receiving, growing and evolving each other.

You can play that role, and be that, for another. This is the caring and sharing that makes the world go round in a beautiful pulsing circle of giving and receiving, growing and evolving each other.

I often share this question with clients: "What word sits within the word ‘listen’ that is the key to being with others when they are sharing?" Using all the letters you will see the power of the word 'silent' sitting right there in the word ‘listen'! Such a great guide in that word, nudging us to be silent, as we presence the person we are listening to.

When you are really present for another, you engage your whole body in the act of listening (something I call full body listening). For example, in the picture above, my daughter is being fully present with my grandson. She is not only listening with her ears, but her heart and all her senses are fully engaged as she deeply listens to his being, on all levels. In this way she is able to deeply receive even the subtlest nuances of his full physical, mental, emotional and spiritual presence, and not just the literal meaning of his spoken words.

You too, can be that for another. I encourage you to look for opportunities to really listen to another who is sharing. If you are guided to listen to words from another,  maybe it is because there is a message between the lines that is meant just for you, in your interpretation of the words. I believe we all are channels for each other. What may be moving through me, as words, might just be as a response to your calling them forth!

Thank you for your presence in reading this.

In appreciation,


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