Letting Go … of Loss

Letting Go … of Loss

by Anya Sophia Mann

Dear friend  - If you have loved and lost like many of us and it is your time to be with the heartache and grieve from your gut and mourn from the bowels of your soul - the graceful hands of my heart write this blog speaking directly to what’s left of you, for you, for the sake of all of us. You’re healing heartache. 

Dear friend - Find a way to let your heart bleed words onto blank pages, ripping the pages into shreds of your excruciating pain and loss, that disgraces your joyful birth into our world. You’re healing heartache.

Dear friend - Dare, with your anger and desperation, to live beyond every dark moment of the heavy void sucking the life out of you. Grief can be like that. You’re healing heartache.

Dear friend - Lose every ounce of what’s left of your self, to dying into the death you need to survive to live again, in order to rise up out of the coffin burying the blood-sucking pain of the idea of loss of the love you are grieving. You're healing heartache.

Dear friend - Life will remain cruel in your experience, if you do not rise up above the depths of your aching screaming heart in the dark nights and sleepless long and longer days. You’re healing heartache.

Dear friend - Don't let your body entomb your emotions, drowning you in your own sorrow. Killing you, the very one who loved and gave so much. You’re healing heartache.

Dear friend - Are you raw enough, with feeling lifeless, to die enough to let your deeply seeded 'will-to-live' take over and guide the way home to you, living some more of you on this earth? We need you. You’re healing heartache.

Dear friend - Can right now today, be the day you stand on top of your own grave of grief, and breathe one breath of recognition that you are the one that loved so fully and deeply another life, with your life? Can you? You’re healing heartache.

Dear friend - Will you die with all this life still to live, inside of you? You can't. You may want to. Your life won't let you. You’re healing heartache.

Dear friend - Will you let further expressions of your love stop, and choke you into a screaming silence that kills your joy? Love will see you through. You're healing heartache.

Dear friend - Letting go … of all the pain through grieving isn't the end of the 'living love' that you are. You ARE the love that you shared. You’re healing heartache.

Dear friend - Love is your legacy. Love is YOUR life. Love again. Love even more. Begin with your self. The one who loved so deeply is YOU. You're healing heartache.

Dear friend - Let go … of any idea that love dies. It is there within you, living. Feel it. Feel it again. It honors the one you loved. You're healing heartache.

Dear friend - Your life matters. Your life matters to all of us. Live ferociously, fearless of loss. Because you can't lose what's real. What's real is love. Love is ALL. You're healing heartache.

Dear friend - You ARE healing heartache. Feel your pain and love again. Love your way through loss.

Dear friend - Thank you for YOUR love. Love heals.

With so much love … Anya

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