Lead From Within

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Lead From Within

by Anya Sophia Mann

When ‘followers' in all forms flood your life trying to get you to tell them what to do, it is evidence that you are not leading your life from within. If you find traces or full out expressions of this in your life, then it is you who has to change, and not who (or what) is outside of you. 

A small example: your children or housemate is disrespecting their room or common space with lots of clutter. You find yourself nagging them. A more effective idea is for you to clean up your life inside and out. When you do, their mess cannot remain in your uncluttered life because they are no longer a vibrational match. It can be as simple and true as that statement.

This idea of 'Lead from Within' has so many applications in your life at home and work. It is really a matter of working it and applying it. In other words, becoming more conscious of whether or not you are coming from a centered, grounded space inside of you, or are reacting to what is outside of you. Such as 'he/she did this or that to me', or the classic 'if you would only do/be this or that, my life would be better'. There is so much that you can come out from under, when you lead from within allowing the engagement of the heart to guide your thoughts, ideas, decisions, and interactions. From there you can radiate your being.

Living and loving from your core first is vital to living in right relation to who you are as a human being, having a spiritual experience on this earth.

Living and loving from your core first is vital to living in right relation to who you are as a human being, having a spiritual experience on this earth. You are spirit, which is your core and the essence of who you are. Leading your life from core first, will cause you to be spirit guided and directed by your higher self from a place of wisdom and love that you connect to there. No one can tell you what to do, nor can you tell someone else what to do (nor will you want to), when you are connected to your core self.

There is only one authority in your life when you lead from within, connected to your core. Yes you can consider people’s suggestions and offerings, but you will be in the drivers seat, at choice, and conscious in choosing all the steps that make up your life’s decisions. All your relationships will be empowered by you being fully YOU acting on choice. What a great day in your life when you decide to connect to your core and live and breath consciously core first and then with your self, family, friends, co-workers, community, confidently Lead from Within.



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