Inner Space

inner space

Inner Space

by Anya Sophia Mann

Within you is space. 

Space to rest. 

A soft place to fall like a pile of leaves in the Autumn. 

Inner space is home, with a cool breeze dancing with the soft curtain of an open window on a crisp sunny day. 

Spaciousness is within you, calling you like your favorite song, to sit and listen. 

Absorb the free flow of the clear inner space. 

This is you underneath it all in your day - space. 

Rich rejuvenating clarity, tingling every cell, calling you Home to the well being of your Essence. 

 “Spaciousness is within you, calling you like your favorite song, to sit and listen."

Nurturing is an everlasting inside job unlike anything temporary that can be provided on the outside.

Inner space, just like outer space when you look up to the skies, is as vast and eternal as who you really are.

Living from the core connection to all that is, which is felt and experienced as a quiet, still, unmoving, unwavering peace with a depth and breadth that connects you to everyone and everything.

You are that inner space like the oceans that are one, and the air you breath that breathes all of us.

Inner space and outer space experientially are the same. 

You are the sky, the stars, the planets, the universe, the earth, the people, the mountains, the oceans, the plants, the trees, the animals, the insects, the rivers, and the forests.

All of everything arises from spaciousness.

Clear inner space feels like Home, unbounded.

Connect to your core inner space that is everywhere within and without.

You will find Home there within you that encompasses all that is.

Inner space is heaven on earth.

Be peace. Be Love. Be Light.

Be infinite inner space.

In spaciousness,


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