Human Emotions


Human Emotions

by Anya Sophia Mann

Relationships spark our emotions because they are meant to. The dance of relationship is to maximize and magnify human emotions. Intimate relations are the most fulfilling and threatening at the same time. 

Stress and heightened emotional states affect our health. Emotional health determines our well being on a huge scale. Our emotional guidance system has messages for us all the time. Often people stay in the safety of loving children and pets that most likely won't leave, reject or abandon them (at least while they are young and dependent). 

Our greatest playground for emotions is in the many expressions and the many forms of relating to another human being in relationships. One of my working defintitions for 'intimacy' is 'in-to-me-see'. We risk everything when we truly show up, fully intimate. We gain fullness and a depth of expansion in our heart and soul as a human being. 

One of my favorite interests in life is observing, and working with, people's emotions (including myself at the top of the list for study and learning)! When we put emotional well being top on our 'to-do' list, it affects every single area of our life. 

What I have learned the most is that we are emotional beings and that we all feel each other with unspoken words at a quantum level. Our cells communicate, as do animals, insects, trees and all of nature. We are all in this quantum dance of harmony through right relations, which is our reason for being. 

Our bodies, like the universe, are always in motion, harmonizing with the all of everything and beyond. Communication happens in a myriad of ways through relationships: me to you, the sun to the moon, the earth to the cosmos, all of it. Human emotion is a language and the chemicals of emotions are constantly communicating who we are being and where we are, relative to the need for balance throughout the entire body of humanity.

Your heart knows what you need in order to grow the bigger picture for all of us: through you, as you. This blows my mind when I sit with the idea of that! In other words, (speaking to myself) we are me, and me is we! Can you see and feel in that idea how important you are to us as a collective? 

I encourage you to pay good attention and feel your way through life. Listen to your emotions and, most importantly, shamelessly express them appropriately. Human emotions are guiding each and every one of us to a greater expression of the whole: the wholeness of humanity in our oneness and unified consciousness.

Your feelings matter to all of us. Your emotions are growing and evolving us in our collective humanity!

Your emotions matter!


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