Human Angels

human angels

Human Angels

by Anya Sophia Mann

Human Angels … you know who you are! “Calling All Angels” - now is your time for awakening! A new humanity awaits your presence amongst us. What do I mean by Angels? Well I don’t mean flapping your wings and growing to eight feet tall. No. I mean someone who embodies angelic qualities, an open heart and selfless service to humanity. The millions of everyday people who quietly devote their lives to the upliftment and benefit of humanity and live that to the fullest in their daily experience. Often in very silent, gentle, unobtrusive ways that can easily pass unnoticed. 

Can you claim the self-recognised title of ‘Human Angel’ for yourself? If so, you already know a life that is selfless beyond measure and unseen by most. Your higher perspective view enables you to flow love from a clear compassionate heart, in the midst of confusion and suffering, to whoever and whatever needs it the most. Often you may have felt as though you did not fit in. This is an indication that you may be a ‘Human Angel’ whose time has come to fully awaken. Your time is now. You’re being called up to step into the highest of who you are for the benefit of humanity. You didn't fit in because you couldn't. The vibration was too low for the higher frequency you are carrying, which is needed to shift this world into new ways of being and doing, with higher consciousness in all the ways we co-create a new, better, world.

Your higher perspective view enables you to flow love from a clear compassionate heart, in the midst of confusion and suffering, to whoever and whatever needs it the most.

Many of us have felt the graceful elegance, presence, and distinct qualities of Human Angels touching our lives in those moments of our greatest need.  We have all heard stories about people who have been ‘touched by an angel’. More than ever the Human Angels among us are being called upon to selflessly serve humanity, as world events escalate on all levels (including weather changes and distorted, harmful, human actions). Through an elevated view, and a great capacity for Higher Love, Human Angels bring deeper understanding of the balance and harmony that is currently happening within humanity and with our Earth Mother.

Do you recognize the Human Angel in you that has been shining light all your life? Rarely has that light been reflected back, simply because others are not able to recognize it within themselves, in order to reflect it back to you! Now is the moment to be present to the angelic presence within you, that few have recognized. Now is the moment to let your heart’s memories remind you that you really are an Angel in disguise!  

Who am I to say 'I see you’? … because I do.

Who am I to say 'I know you’? … because I do.

Who am I to say 'I feel you’? … because I do.

Who am I to say 'I recognize you’? … because I do.

You know who you are and your time is now! When you recognize your own angelic presence you also recognize it in others. There is much work to be done by your angelic presence in terms of shifting the world by emanating the highest vibration of love through your heart. You will also recognize other Human Angels by their selfless qualities of light, love, compassion, calm, harmony, kindness and generosity: altruistic qualities that are consciously expressed because of their clear higher vibrational intention to be here now, for the new awakening humanity. Human Angels always take the high road, elevating situations for the highest outcome, for the highest good of all. 

Look around you for evidence of Human Angels among us. They are here, quietly working in the background supporting, uplifting, and expanding the magnetic field of the collective heart of humanity, awakening us all into higher consciousness. It is now time to recognize our Human Angels who are here to help. Perhaps you are one of them?

In Light and Love of Angelic Presence,


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