H O M E 

by Anya Sophia Mann

We have all heard the expression,  'Home Is Where The Heart Is'. So it sounds to me that you've got to have a heart to find home. Home within you, that is. That is true home. The heart of you is like a beating drum calling you home. No matter where you are, and no matter what circumstances you find yourself in, the heart is home. 

Can you go home? In an instant can you go home to you, especially when the going gets tough and unstable? When change is imminent, which in reality is always (unless you’re resisting it), finding true home within you is a safe haven. That doesn't mean running from reality and whatever is going on in your world (or the world). It means knowing where to retreat, to reset your energy and rejuvenate your spirit. 

Look to your heart to rebalance you when you’re off, or can't find your way. The heart is the constant beat of humanity that unites us in a rhythm reminding us, as did many of the great masters like Jesus, that 'the kingdom is within'. When you wake up in the morning you've got what you need in the ‘right here right now’, which is YOU: as one beating heart connected to everyone in that resounding resonance creating one heart-rhythm on this earth. In that one-heart frequency ALL can be felt by the ONE in everyONE. And that is YOU. You are the one that can balance the human system, no matter what happens in the world, by being the calm assertive energy that comes from your connection to your heart core, which is the home called you.

“The ache for home lives in all of us. The safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned.” - Maya Angelou

What happens on the other side of the earth can be felt within you. This IS the new world of humanity, as we become even more sensitive in our being. What hurts one will cause another to stand up and stand in the 'no more'. We can already see it happening globally and it is beautiful to witness humanity harmonizing.

You are part of the connected strand of pearls of wisdom, now sharing a voice through the heart, that is reminding US that WE are empowered human beings, here to usher in a new world. A world where we, as human beings, will house more of our Spirit than ever before. We are truly HOME in our Spirit. Our heart is where Spirit is felt as Love. Love for ourselves is vital as that is the recognition of the spirit that you are. Share your light. Share your love. Share your wisdom. In practical ways, in our everyday, in every way we can be more light, love, wisdom, in the spirit of being a human being. 

Live from the heart of your home within you and YOU will co-create a new world for yourself and others that will BE within you wherever you go, or however you find yourself dealing with any situation life exposes you to.

Live in the light of the heart of you, and we will all feel at home in your resonance. You can lead the way as an empowered human being lighting up our world, like a beacon calling us H O M E to ourselves in the spirit of who we really are. You matter. You are SPIRIT. You are LOVE. You are LIGHT. YOU are me. I am YOU. WE are all the embodiment of spirit. H O M E is where the HEART is in the SPIRIT of YOU.

In the light of love,


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