Higher Self

Higher Self

Higher Self 

by Anya Sophia Mann

Innately we know that we are so much more than we are living out in our everyday lives, on a mundane level. We just know it deeply inside. Thoughts like, "there has got to be more than this" and "surely there is more to life" are just a couple of the inklings that something greater is going on. It has got to be. Even common sense points to that. It doesn't make sense that we are born, live a life and then die. It just doesn't compute. Every cell in our body knows this. So what is going on?

I believe that deep in the cells of everybody we are all communicating. That communication goes beyond our physical bodies and the field of energy around us. I believe (and have experienced for myself) a knowing that Higher Wisdom is available, and accessible in every moment when called upon or invited. Where that wisdom arrives from could be called our 'Higher Self', the one that knows and guides us through the earth plane journey called Life. 

Higher Wisdom is available, and accessible in every moment when called upon or invited.

There are all kinds of ways we can entertain the idea of connecting to our Higher Self, in our own experience. One of the many examples for me was as a child, watching the Wizard of OZ. The theme of 'follow the yellow brick road' really stuck with me. So I would imagine everywhere I walked, as I stepped my foot forward the path turned a sparkling golden yellow! In that I started to have a profound inner spiritual confidence that no matter where I went in life, I was magically in the right place, at the right time, and in that miracles could (and did) happen. Now that is some serious imagining and yet it was effortless, and lit me up with insights and an energy that glowed through my being, which others could see! So skipping on the yellow brick road connected me to my 'Wizard of Oz', my Higher Self.

Find your way of imagining a Higher Self aspect of you that you are unwaveringly connected to, which absolutely guides your way and informs your every inquiry, as you maneuver and ponder life in all of its twists, turns and catastrophies. This simple practice will support you in discovering for yourself a personal and profound relationship with your Higher Self. Try it on, as an idea, so that you can experience for yourself that nothing outside of you can tell you about something, which you can experience for yourself. Your Higher Self is always there ready and available for you to give your attention to. Live with Higher Thought through Higher Mind and Higher Love, with and through your Higher Self. This is the new way of living in a new world which we are all conciously co-creating, if you choose to come into the awareness of why you are here at this time on our earth planet.

In light and love,


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