Happy Heart

Happy Heart

Happy Heart

by Anya Sophia Mann

Joy just may be too much of a stretch for people to tap into, as a way of living in our daily world. We hear it all the time, the importance of connecting to your joy. On a spectrum, if joy is up there at 100 percent and most of us live in the daily range of 40 to 60 as an average sliding scale throughout our day, then we are mostly living underneath our maximum expression and feeling state. How potent is that information?

For me that means we are at choice. We, as empowered beings, can make a decision simply by ourselves, for ourselves. And that is starting within a range that is more easily attained. Live with a happy heart. What a concept! You can be in charge and in control of that idea effortlessly. Just decide right now to live from the feeling state of your inner smile. We all have a natural inner smile that is our built-in feel-good barometer, that's like our perfect temperature climate-control gauge.

It takes 21 days to break an old habit and/or to develop a new one. Play with this idea: for next 21 days deciding to pay attention to, and act upon, what causes your heart to feel happy inside. Simply start each day upon waking by feeling for the place inside that is your 'inner smile'. We all have it, and we all get to it differently. I just say 'inner smile' to myself and wait until I feel it. After a few times of connecting to the feeling of an inner smile it begins to happen instantly when I say it.

Connecting with your inner smile radiates through an authentic, congruent, integrous outer smile that also emanates through a twinkle in your eye, sending sparkles of light to everyone. How joyous is that! Joy just may be too big of a leap right now for most of us, so let's decide to constantly, consciously, connect to that inner smile we all have. Feeling good just feels so good!

Living with and through a happy heart has all kinds of positive effects in your body, and even goes beyond you affecting the people around you: like smiling babies, giggling children and puppies playing! Doesn't it already feel good to just think about it by reading about the idea of it? 

I wish you the simple joy of a happy heart that radiates from  a feeling of connecting with your inner smile. It just feels good to all of us when you are being your happy heart. Health and well being abound from there. Happy is an inside job caused by you, and not by anything outside of you. Enjoy yourself in the next 21 days, which just may ignite your joy. Relax into your inner smile, and everything else will emanate from there!

Happy is healthy!


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