give up


by Anya Sophia Mann

Give up … everything that is not working in your life. By that I mean ‘get into alignment’ with your resonance. The resonance of what is naturally you. 

If life looks like you are fighting the flow of a river, or nothing seems to be coming your way that you’re intending for, stop! Stop for a moment in time, take a deep breath to clear your head and begin noticing what feels good to you. 

Can directions and guidance for living life be that simple? Yes! We have become so very desensitised to flowing with creativity, ease and grace through life, that we have lost touch with the naturally good feelings that personally guide us so uniquely. 

 “The overrunning of adrenaline in our bodies has suppressed and depleted the natural fuel that energizes our life."

Maneuvering struggle and stress has become our default expertise. The overrunning of adrenaline in our bodies has suppressed and depleted the natural fuel that energizes our life. There is a very high price to pay over time for running our body vehicles on adrenaline to handle the stress in our lives. Only you can stop. Stop long enough to notice just how disconnected you are from your core essence. The part of you that laughs and giggles with bright eyed smiles.

Give up, and let go of all the thoughts and activities that squeeze your juice from you. You know what I mean. We have all had those days where you are just simply juicy. You’re flowing the real you into the world and it feels so right and so good.

Give it all up and align and allow into being the juiciest you that you want to be. It is a choice! You can make that choice today. 

Living the juice,


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