by Anya Sophia Mann

As is true for many christians who pray "forgive them Father for they know not what they do”, so too (no matter what our religious or spiritual tendency is) we can ask for, receive, and give forgiveness.

Forgiveness is not only for another, it also can set us free from the hate or disdain we may often have for another who has hurt us. Forgiveness can go beyond a person and even be applied to any situation, company, or corporation that has caused us to feel 'less than’, or dismissed. Any person, place, or situation that has threatened your livelihood and happiness can be forgiven by you, in the right moment for your heart.

Forgiving yourself for being less than the powerful being that you are, can be at the core of liberating yourself from the shrinking feeling that dominates, when you feel as though someone has done something to you. Do any of us really know what we are doing when we unconsciously cause hurt to another? We don't mean to be mean. It's just that in the distorted aspects of ourselves we leak the energy of all of our own hurts. When we hurt, we compress and contract. When we forgive, we expand into our true self.

When we hurt, we compress and contract. When we forgive, we expand into our true self.

I want to really focus here on forgiving yourself for all the little stuff that adds up, and then feels like something big that becomes who you are. Let's say you’re critical and you don't mean to be, but it keeps leaking out, especially when you feel threatened inside whether consciously or unconsciously. An idea:  Just before closing your eyes at night, practice finding your own words, that you can feel in your heart, to forgive yourself for acts, thoughts, and feelings that are not the highest of who you are. This will certainly bring you to the peace within that forgives all!

Whatever we do in our lives, and whatever happens to and around us, is ALL bringing us back home to us, by learning the lessons that life can teach us. Why is life here to teach us? Because we don't know who we are, and we are on our Soul's journey of remembering, through the higher wisdom that every person, place, situation and encounter teaches us, when we are open to learning and seeing the greater meaning. The courageous act of forgiving liberates your heart and soul, freeing you to love and live again, freely. Live in the light of knowing and experiencing that love heals ALL.

When you forgive, you free yourself up to be more love: by giving and receiving in the ebb and flow of love that is life in your world. Let love lead you, inspire you, and support you, to forgive.

In kindness and forgiveness,


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