Elevated View

elevated view

Elevated View

by Anya Sophia Mann

Nothing will shift your reality faster than an ‘elevated view’ of life. If ever you have flown and taken off in an air plane, helicopter, hot air ballon you know exactly what I am talking about. Looking out the window during take-off shifts your perception instantly, which changes your reality. However some passengers remain looking down into their book, laptop, or eyes closed with headphones on, and do not have the experience of what I call the ‘lift-off effect’, where you are no longer grounded in what you may feel steeped in. There are so many situations I could list here that we feel embedded in. To name just a few to get you going on thinking of your own personal examples: financial issues, someone’s illness or your own, stressed out, can’t think straight, exhausted, can’t see a way out, overwhelmed, out of control, over controlling, micro-managing, over-worked, under-paid, fear driven, and so much more.

I urge you to give yourself the relief of a shift in perspective by expanding your view in any way possible by something as simple as taking an elevator to the upper floors of a building and looking out into expansiveness. You will feel relief almost instantly. You can do this from anywhere that provides an elevated view. So once you're there feeling the relief from being constrained and compressed (and it won’t take long), begin to allow in the challenges that are feeling burdensome or bigger than you. 

From this vantage point, in this expanded state, you can see more clearly that your problems are NOT bigger than you. They just felt that way when you were immersed in them and becoming smothered and feeling no control over them. The lift-off effect virtually (and viscerally) gives you the experience of being unstuck from the problem or overwhelming situation. 

 “The lift-off effect virtually (and viscerally) gives you the experience of being unstuck from the problem or overwhelming situation."

At every opportunity create a situation for yourself where you can find a physical way to elevate your view. Do this often. You may be pleasantly surprised at the priceless results. Remember perception is reality so shift your perception and you shift your reality (do you remember being a kid, and climbing a tree and sitting on the limb? Everything felt different from there, even your homework!).

A personal remarkable life-altering moment happened for me on a plane headed for Tibet. The pilot announced to look left, and out the window the summit of Mt. Everest (the highest point on the Earth) was in view! It was a game changer for me to comprehend that I was looking at something so high up that was directly a part of our Earth, and that people climb the enormity of (and summit)! What a view! What an experience! What a mind blowing thought to ponder from so, so many perspectives. 

It even gets more fascinating as, soon after my return from 3 weeks in Tibet, a new client shared her story of having been one of the handful of women to have summited Mt. Everest! From our interactions my perceptions broadened and deepened, magically and mysteriously giving even more meaning to the lift-off-effect. I highly recommend giving it a go in your life! Enjoy the elevated view to shift any problems or challenges, and lead you into solid solutions, or effortless letting go. Feel the freedom and the fresh air of an elevated view!

In freedom,


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