Earth Changes

earth changes

Earth Changes

by Anya Sophia Mann

I want to remind you of just how powerful you are in thought, word and action on this Earth. It is important that you know this deeply, now more than ever. Would you take the time to read this message in totality?

Unlike a structure that you may call home, such as a house, apartment building or condominium, your home really is here on the Earth. And the Earth is changing like any living being who is a part of nature. Home is this living, breathing, alive entity, that everyone in the circular world lives and breathes on. We are Earth. We are a part of Earth just like fruit is part of the growth and evolution of the tree. We as human beings eat the fruit, vegetables, meat in all forms and so forth, and so on and on we ingest Mother Earth. We are nurtured and fed by the very Earth that sustains us.

Just as our body adjusts itself in many ways through burping, sneezing, bouts of diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, etc. the Earth will also do the same to adjust itself. Water takes on many forms from flooding rain to pelting hail the size of baseballs, to flooding creeks and swelling rivers. Water is moving in many ways on the planet making big adjustments above and below ground. All is balancing the Earth, just like our body is constantly in motion to balance and harmonize all the many systems for homeostasis. We are doing the same.

The greatest contribution we can make in these great times of Earth change is to live from calm abiding, underneath all the turmoil ...

I ask you to realize this deeply by pondering these thoughts and coming to know the truth of what is happening. Much of which we are not hearing about on the news. There are devastating weather and Earth eruptions resulting in the loss of many lives all over the globe. This is happening in epic proportions, and may continue as the Earth is making a great re-set to compensate for, and adjust to, many unconscious human violations to our living, breathing, life-sustaining home we call Earth.

If you decide to ponder the reality that Earth is really our home that sustains us, and that we are a part of Earth in our physicality, the result of that can only be greater appreciation for our home. A greater understanding that, just like our body, Earth is adjusting and re-aligning in the evolution of the whole. This may look like great disaster causing a tsunami of fear that moves through the collective consciousness. I ask you to step through and beyond that fear, as only you can do. Do not let fear grip you and rob you of your sanity and humanity.

What we all need right now are conscious, compassionate, understanding, loving, kind, generous thoughts and actions from each and every one of us. The greatest contribution we can make in these great times of Earth change is to live from calm abiding, underneath all the turmoil that is to come as the world makes major adjustments to all environmental and structural systems, including governmental and financial systems. 

Calmness is knowing that something much, much greater is going on, in the totality of the whole, that will be the great catapult that shakes us all up to living more consciously, in cooperation and co-creation on Earth, as one big human family. Feel the freedom of that! Love your self more. Love our Earth home. Love our human family. Let fear go, and feel free, as all re-aligns for the good all.

Love is healing.


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