by Anya Sophia Mann

The power of deciding is compelling and freeing. A decision is when you rule out any other possibility. That is liberating. Try it on for size. See how it feels. If it fits (or not) for you. Take off the old ideas of the burden of ‘having’ to make a decision, or what it might mean ‘if’ you make that decision. They are all trappings that keep us from living the joy of the results of a decision. 

If we look at my working definition of decision being ‘when you rule out any other possibility’ it almost takes the decision making out of it! Can you see that? In other words - just do it! Simply - go for it! Make a decision and make it right! Because once you do (make it right) there can be no ‘right' or ‘wrong' decisions in the big picture of your life!

Everything is experience. That’s right! It’s all all of us, you and me, having experiences that inform us about where we are on our life journey, based on what feels good and what doesn’t.  We put way to much emphasis and pressure on ourselves around the 'what ifs' of making a decision. That for sure will cause you to procrastinate in a million different ways, keeping you from where your life is nudging you to go next.

 “It’s all all of us, you and me, having experiences that inform us about where we are on our life journey, based on what feels good and what doesn’t."

A simple practical tip to exercise your decision making ability is to notice for one day every time you make a decision. That’s right, every time! You will be astounded and freed up by the awareness of just how many decisions you are already making. Good decisions. Entertain the idea that there is no such thing as a good or bad decision. There is only a decision, followed by action that in turn either feels good or not so good. And simply 'course-correct' as you go along, making different decisions based on the feedback you are receiving.

You cannot know how a decision is going to turn out until after you have made it. Because after is when the feed back happens that will allow you to make the necessary adjustments. There are also decisions that will have you soaring on your path. That is when you know you are in alignment and attuned internally to your outer manifestations that appear as opportunities to make decisions about!

 Pay attention to the little decisions you make all day, every day, and then the big ones will become stress-free opportunities to decide something effortlessly and then take note of the feedback.  Go ahead. Now is a great time to DECIDE!

Enjoy my decision to write this blog!

In fun,


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