by Anya Sophia Mann

What’s true about death? Death is the end of something as we knew it to be. If we look at the long life of a tree, a tree in the woods, we can see that we are surrounded by death walking through the woods. Yes life is forever changing state, and this can really be seen in people. Death is a part of life. Take the birth of a child. There begins the journey of dying into who we are becoming in every moment. Change. Constant never-ending change is what is happening. 

The word death is a highly charged word with a myriad of meanings. Life is all about the meaning we give things, anything. Death can mean one thing to you and for someone else it has a completely different meaning. The meaning we give the word death depends on what you have been told or taught about it, and your experience of it. Everything and every one alive is dying out of their present form into a new one in every moment. Really contemplate and ponder this fact for yourself as a way of looking at what meaning you are giving to death.

 “Everything and every one alive is dying out of their present form into a new one in every moment."

Death is the end of something as we knew it to be. A pet, a favorite tree, a flower, a home, a job, a car, a relative, yourself. Aren’t we all growing into, and living into, the daily movement of dying? The human body is miraculously re-creating through the death process. Every cell gets replaced many times over the time of your life span. Your skin, your organs, all parts of all the cells, in every system are replaced through the natural dying-off  process.

Really give some time to pondering death and what meaning you are working with in your life around the word death. Death will occur with every living thing at some point, and as a final point of the life as you know it to be at the time. This point in your life can be a very powerful time for you to begin to shift some limiting beliefs, which can bring you a new view of the phenomenal transition we call death!

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