by Anya Sophia Mann

You cannot get closer to Source energy* than sitting in the happy heart of a child. It is your essence! Twinkling through the eyes of a child, like stars, is the Light of Home.  Source, constantly reminding us that there IS more than what is around you, that you can touch and feel. Children giggle a lot and, when they do, they are bathing us in bubbles of love to remind us that we are Love.

Children are Life living. Innocent of all the societal and familial conditioning. Pure joy is at the heart of every playful act of a child. Untethered of all the no's and don'ts, children are following their spirit. You can see it. Just watch a child alone at play, running after something we can’t see. They are running toward lightness and laughter. We have ALL got that inside of us.

Let a child in your life wake you up (with smiles) to the child sitting behind the scenes in you, that is just waiting for permission to play. You can give that permission in any moment in so many ways.  Just bursting up out of your chair and dancing, or singing, just like a child will activate the most natural part of you that's been harbored. Such silliness when you think about it. We are born with this innocent pure joy that can captivate any adult instantly. That is, if you let it. That's right. If you let yourself lose control of managing all the feelings and emotions you keep yourself from.

Children giggle a lot and, when they do, they are bathing us in bubbles of love to remind us that we are Love.

Lighten up in the life of a child and you will do more good in this world than you could ever dream of doing. If you want to contribute greatly to our world (and add to creating a new, more people-friendly, world) then play into the life of a child. Get involved with your own children in fun ways. Reach into your extended family to hang out with a child. Even volunteer to coach baseball, or spend a couple of hours at a local youth club.

There are so many ways that you can begin to feed your heart with the love of, and for, children. When children flow love, like watering a plant to grow us in our hearts, we think we are growing. Well we are, with our love as well! I know of no other way to come so close to the highest of who we can be (as an expression of our Source or Creator Energy) than to decide to connect with children of any age, even teens. 

If you want to know more deeply who you are, within you and in this world, a child will constantly remind you of that by simply engaging you. That is what children do. They engage us into their world, which wakes us up from ‘sleeping on the job’ as people who are here to flow love, light, joy, and the laughter of play, into this game called life! Connect with a child and live, laugh, learn and play. You’ll find more of YOU there. Have fun!

In joy and laughter,


*Source, God, Creator, choose the word in your world that best describes the place you came from, some simply call it ‘home’. 

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