Change With Change!


Change With Change!

by Anya Sophia Mann

The big invitation here is to 'Change With Change'! Anything less than that is resistance. Resistance to change that is happening around you, or wanting to happen within you, will be felt as some form of pain and struggle. Resisting what is, is like arguing with reality. Many people do that and it shows in the stress of their face and body. The actions of someone resisting reality are often very quick and sharp, in movement and tone. 

Life is designed by it's nature to be in constant motion, in flow like a river. We are life. Life living through us. As us. Go with the flow or, better said, flow with the flow. Life becomes so simple when we are conscious enough to pick up on the often subtle signals of movement, inspiring and encouraging us to go with that flow.

The thought of change for many people brings with it a lot of fear. Let's look at the word change. That implies something has to be different than the way it has been. There is the issue right there. We feel scared if we have to change when, if we are in the flow of life we never have to change, because we were never not in flow. Flow isn't change. Flow is flow. Can you see that? More importantly can you feel that? We all know what being 'in the flow' feels like. It is effortless. Natural in all of us. Just look at our bodies constantly, ever in endless movement of shifting and growing, evolving states of physical expression.

 If we are in the flow of life we never have to change, because we were never not in flow.

Try telling a newborn baby every day of its growing life "don't change"! Evolution is happening as a result of life force energy flowing through everyone of us and everything on this earth. Walk out your front door and tell the earth "don't change"! By now you're probably laughing at the thought of resisting the change that is already happening, and in motion since the day you were born. Since that day everything in nature is different, to include you. 

Be the change that is happening in the world to move us into a higher way of living and being as conscious creators beaming light and love into our world, everywhere. Evolutionary beings is who we really are. Elevate your way of living inside and out for a more authentic, congruent, cohesive life, for all of us to enjoy.

Be the highest of who you are and flow that into the world.


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Anya MannAnya Sophia Mann is a  Visionary Intuitive Life Coach,  Author and Speaker. She supports individuals and businesses in doing more of what they love (and came here to do) by creating environments for the conscious evolution of body, mind and soul. For details of classes, workshops and other events with Anya join her mailing list. She offers individual Sessions and  personal Coaching and Mentoring.

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