Being A LightWorker


Being A LightWorker

by Anya Sophia Mann

You are light dancing with, and through, the shadows in this world to raise the frequncy and 'light up' so many of the shadow expressions. Once you experience yourself as a LightWorker YOU can never go back to living in the shadows! We are like dimmer switches and can control our light by how we live. When you really get this by playing with it you naturally want to be the juice that lights up a room (like electricity). Being a LightWorker is not about 'doing' anything. It is about being aware of who you are being in any moment, knowing that when you walk into a room YOU are what lights up that room (or not)! 

When we are unconscious we can easily bring our shadow sides to any situation. These can 'lighten up' in the presence of LightWorkers as we take personal responsibility for walking through the world consciously, knowing in every cell that we are beings of light and emanating that light from every cell. With every word, breath, thought, sound and action we are making a difference in our world, affecting everything in our immediate proximity and infinitely beyond. 

The reason you are here on Earth is to raise the frequency of Light on our planet, just like plants and flowers do. So what does that mean? What does that look, sound and act like?  Practically speaking, it means being mindful that you are energy and that everything is energy. Energy is in motion. 

Your eyes emanate an energy when you walk into a room that can not only change that room but also what has gone on, is going on and will go on in it. Just even the pattern of your eye movement is shifting the energy. Being a LightWorker you are aware of a natural ability that we all have, which many are unaware of. The spectrum of shadows dancing with the spectrum of light, is like watching many cultures dancing with the rhythms of their traditional music. It's fascinating watching light and sound finding harmony in relationship to oneness!

As we begin consciously living as LightWorkers we can really raise consciousness for people and share some of the 'tools of light', then we can learn to make a beautiful difference in the world and in our own lives. There are many practical ways that we can all be more in the heartfelt state and mindset of being a LightWorker at home, work, and in our communities, having a universal cosmic effect (we will be covering these in depth in the Quantum Alchemy Café Power Pods*). When we shower our world with mists and sparkles of light, it makes such a noticeable, valuable difference.

I encourage you to find ways to realize your vital importance in this life and consciously shine your light. Please share your comments, ideas, and experiences on this idea of 'Being a LightWorker' in the comment box below.

Live in light!


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