by Anya Sophia Mann

'Stuck' - 'Attached' - same thing! 

You can be stuck to your thoughts or, worse, it can feel like your thoughts are stuck on you, and stuck to you, like Velcro or fleas and ticks, draining your energy.

You can be attached to any emotional state ranging from victim to victor, failure to success, and everything in between. Really take a moment and pay attention to ALL the things you are stuck to because you are attached to them. Your watch, shoes, car, jewelry, painted nails, your hair style, neck ties, the way you walk or talk, the chair you sit in, how the dishes get put away, pizza on Friday, cocktails with friends every Thursday, working out, how and what you eat, coffee, tea, ice cream, crunchy things, how your wife, husband, sister, brother, friend, boss, co-workers are, and how they had ought to treat you. This list goes on and on as you become conscious of the places you are stuck and attached! 

Ideas, concepts, thoughts, beliefs, ways of doing things, people, places, situations, and even environments are all things we can become attached to. This robs and drains us of the truth of who we really are: unstuck, unglued, untethered from all of it. NEUTRAL. Unattached. Freedom from. LIBERATED! 

 “The river of life is best ridden in the steady still sweet spot of all situations - neutral!"

Having a space of clarity within you, where new thoughts, ideas, feelings, information and insights, emerge and drop in to the clear space of you, is like the 'neutral zone' in a war that may be going on in your head (like a 'thought-zone in chaos’, which takes you hostage and keeps you from your neutrality).

Their would be NO wars of any kind (of which there are many, including the dinner table as well as team meetings at work) when we are not stuck, attached, or glued to any idea of how the outcome had ought to be. Flowing with the flow of the energy of life, and all the situations that arise and fall like the ebb and flow of the ocean, the river of life is best ridden in the steady still sweet spot of all situations - neutral!

What does neutral look, sound, feel like? Unattached. Unstuck. Open minded. Open hearted. Balanced. Harmonious. Innovative. Neither a Yes or No. Just pure clear centered being through it all as it presents. Everything else can spin around that spot in you that is a neutral zone, without robbing you of one moment of who you really are in the midst of it all. Live free of attachments in the clear light of clear space. Naturally liberated.

In clear light,


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